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Why California Judicial Corruption is Ubiquitous

by Scott Zwartz   January 30, 2018    Lord Acton and Edmund Burke explained why judicial corruption resigns supreme in California. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord … Continue reading

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How Judge Allan Goodman Caused The Construction Moratorium Initiative

How Judge Allan Goodman’s Bait ‘N Switch on the Hollywood Community Plan Forced Citizens to Bring the Moratorium Ballot Initiative by Scott Zwartz January 24, 2016      The ballot initiative … Continue reading

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California Supreme Court Protects Christians from Jews and other Infidels

California Supreme Court Supports The Constitutional Right of Judges to  Use “Christian Sharia Law” Against Jews and Others Who “Refuse Jesus Christ” by Scott Zwartz August 16, 2015    On … Continue reading

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Stench from the Bench #4

How Hubris Has Turned The California Judiciary into Ethical Swamp Land by Scott Zwartz Sunday, June 14, 2015 with Sunday, February 14, 2016 Addendum Brief Background of California Judicial Corruption … Continue reading

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Corrupt Courts Devastate Hollywood – A Matter of Public Concern

February 12, 2015 Power Corrupts and Corruption Destroys .   When the federal court called out California courts for pandemic ethical violations, it focused on the judges and the courts themselves … Continue reading

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Stench from the Bench #3 – Judge John Torribio Justifies His Religious Bigotry June 1, 2015

.   Once again, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, John Torribio, the winner of California’s Most Corrupt Judge Award comes to our attention, showing why he is the champion at judicial … Continue reading

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Stench from the Bench: Judge Torribio Frames Innocent Attorney

by Scott Zwartz April 22, 2015 With September 20, 2015 Update    First The Update:     When this article was first written in April 2015, this writer was unaware … Continue reading

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