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Why California Judicial Corruption is Ubiquitous

by Scott Zwartz   January 30, 2018   

Lord Acton and Edmund Burke explained why judicial corruption resigns supreme in California.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton 1887

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke 1770

These broad principles, however, do not show the nitty-gritty reason that California is awash in judicial misconduct. Each judge holds dear his/her ability to do whatever it is that he/she wishes to do!   Thus, Judge William Gray may want to decide a case in favor of the large law firm who had hired his mistress.  While a higher court may reverse Judge Gray’s ruling, they will pretend not to know about the mistress.  Judge Gray’s costing a plaintiff $45,000.00 or more to appeal a clearly bogus ruling based upon obviously false evidence is a nice gift to defense law firm, especially when it is representing a clueless insurance company who has no idea what is really happening.  The judge just made $45,000.00 extra in fees for the defense law firm while costing the plaintiff a fortune.  Law firms wish there were more mistresses to hire, but there are other ways they can show their appreciation.

There is nothing more important to a California judge than his/her personal care and feeding of their personal whims, and dare I say, money laundering. One sate court judge learned that a major insurance company would cut the signature line from insurance policies and then paste the insured’s signature to other documents to obtain confidential information to which the insurance company was not entitled.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 [HIPPA] does not protect the insured person since the insurance company will paste the signature onto a HIPPA release. This discovery was wonderful for the judge, who threatened to have the IRS audit the plaintiff who had uncovered this systematic fraud and then the judge used her threats against the plaintiff and the suppression of the insurance company’s illegal behavior to bargain her way to a higher court.  She was soon rewarded with a Presidential appointment to the federal district court for the central district of California.

A judge’s personal prejudices reign supreme in California. A judge may render excellent opinions until a Muslim, a Jew or a Gay person appears and then the judicial world is turned upside down. Jewish evidence is excluded because the judge says it is unreliable.  His basis to rule against the party? The Jew refuses Jesus Christ. The California Chief Justice’s position was that state court judges have a state constitutional right to use their own religious bias when running their court rooms and if they wish to exclude a Jewish person or a Muslim or even a Black from court or alter their evidence, that is the judge’s constitutional right. The mechanism by which other judges learn about this conduct may be by the corrupt judges’ bragging, but also through the whispering of clerks in the back hallways and lunch rooms.  

Judges will blacklist attorneys who object to their misconduct.  When it comes to a judge’s protecting his/her ability to abuse others, the law is no more than a gnat to be swatted away.

The Commission of Judicial Performance

California has a sham Commission on Judicial Performance whose declared purpose to reign in miscreant judges and justices, but in reality its purpose is to protect the perfidy in the courts. The Commission keeps 99.4% of its matter secret. When the state Auditor wanted to conduct an audit, the commission got a state court judge to forbid the State Auditor from seeing the records. At the same time there is an epidemic of misconduct in the California Courts due to the judges’ misbehavior, the watchdog agency keeps over 99% of its matter confidential from everyone else.  When one reads The Robing Room and does a little more research on wayward judges, they can see that judicial misconduct is common.  Since the federal courts said misconduct in California courts is epidemic, 6/10 of 1% means a lot of bad stuff is being concealed

Where is WikiLeaks?

Leaking is a real problem for those who live by secrecy.  Some day there will be a WikiLeaks of the confidential judicial files and then we will learn about the sexual charges made against presiding judges in Family Court, about the kickbacks, the money laundering in high profile cases with egregious attorney fee awards, the sexual harassment, the vile racism and bigotry in the criminal courts, as well as the trading of judicial favor for the judge’s career advancement.     We will learn about a host of other things which we cannot even imagine now.  Power corrupts and when the Judicial Commission may keep everything secret even from the State auditor, we know there is a lot of evil being swept under the rug.

As mentioned above, California Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye, for example, agrees that judges have a state constitutional right to discriminate against Jews and others who “refuse Jesus Christ.” These judges may exclude attorneys from hearing because the attorneys are Jewish and judges may distort evidence into its opposite. Thus, if a deponent says “no” in answer to a question, the judge may make it an undisputed fact that the deponent said “Yes.”

Nothing is preventing the feds from tracing how much cash is finding its way back to accounts in the Philippines, except everyone is playing the same money-laundering game.   “Blow the whistle on me,” so one can imagine the threat going, “and see how long you can keep your many homes in Beverly Hills.”

The lawlessness of the California courts defies comprehension. In order to issue orders, judges do not even need to have jurisdiction. All a well-connected person has to do is tell a friendly judge, “I want Joe’s property” and the friendly judge will issue an order that Joe’s property is no longer his. Why bother to have any judicial proceedings when a well-connected person can simply have it done by telephone?  It is not be hard to fathom why money launders occupy a privileged position with the California judiciary.

The Robing Room — Everyone Should Consult It

The public cannot conceive how low the judiciary has fallen. One place which attempts to keep track of judges is called The Robing Room. Let’s look at Judge Gregory Alarcon. On January 4, 2018, one comment related:

“One of the worst judges sitting in the Central District of L.A. Superior Court. If you have a serious case, you must 170.6 him [an attorney can kick one judge off a case], or your client will be very sorry. The man is a phony and a lazy slacker, without much going on upstairs.”  

On January 25, 2010, another comment said:

“No idea how he managed to get on the bench much less stay here. Lazy and intellectually devoid of legal ability.”

In between on August 7, 2014, the following comment appeared:

“Has a dubious character; acts like he cares, but will rule for the corporation; very poor understanding of procedure; very poor understanding of what the law, procedure means and how applied, and lacks the ability to weigh anything…very rude, interrupts, tampers with the jury, tampers with evidence, and practices law from the bench i.e., meaning he acts as if he is the prosecutor. His evaluation of the case and tentative rulings severely miss the mark…this guy is purely incapable of making a good decision, and INCOMPETENT to the MAX. He should not be re-elected, commissioned. In fact his proposed pension should be terminated and seized, as he appears to have financial interests in big corp.  He does not write up his opinions, orders, or tentatives, he leaves that up to his law clerks who are morons too.”

Over eight years, he has had 23 ratings with an average rating of 3.1 out of 10. Why does he stay? Because each judge places his/her own care and feeding above everything else. People criticize police for a code of silence. It is nothing compared to the lengths to which judges go to make certain the most reprehensible people remain in positions of power. If Harvey Weinstein were judge, the other judges would make him the presiding judge.

There are Judge John Torribio, Justice Paul Turner (dead), Judge Holly Fujie, Holly (Munchoff) Kendig, Justice Kriegler, and a host of others like Los Angeles Judges Lawrence Cho and Patrick Cathcart, Solano County Judge Christine Carringer and we should not over look our esteemed Chief Justice and her predecessors.

The deepest evil in the California judicial system is that other judges enable and protect the horrible judges. Power is seductive. When a judge knows that if necessary, she can just make up an order without any hearing or even any jurisdiction, that unbridled power is hard to give up. Of course, one also has to realize that if there were to be one or two honest judges, they are the ones who would soon be gone. (see  January 31, 2015 LA Times, U.S. Judges See ‘Epidemic’ of Prosecutorial Misconduct in State, by Maura Dolan)

As the federal judges noted, the State court judges are at the center of the corruption. This role of  judicial silence in degrading the judiciary into the gutter has been noted by others. California Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye is from the Sacramento Family Courts which is one of the worse by reputation. The Sacramento Family Law Report states:

“Some judges were active participants or effectively facilitated the racketeering as accessories, while others – including virtually every judge assigned to the family law division over the last 20 years – knew or should have known that systemic lawbreaking, institutionalized socioeconomic bias, and criminal activity were occurring, yet turned a blind eye and failed to report the misconduct to oversight authorities, whistleblowers charge.” (Italics added)

The situation is not going to improve. The reality is that power corrupts and corruption destroys. In a gazillion ways the California judicial system undermines a decent society and replaces it with a vicious dog-eat-dog world until we have returned to a Hobbesian state of nature where life is nasty, brutish, and short.

4 comments on “Why California Judicial Corruption is Ubiquitous


    Well-researched article! Not surprisingly, Judge Kendig and Judge Scheper are best of friends and cut from the same cloth. A fundamental problem is Judges in California are never actually elected. It is a farce. They are appointed as a favoritism reward and then they are deemed “automatically re-elected even though they are not even on the ballot. Even the director of elections notes the system is a farce, which is why we have judges who should not be judges. Although California affords a recall process, it is totally skewed in favor of Judges more than any other “elected” official. It is nearly impossible to recall a judge in California. The system is broken and needs to be changed.


  2. Eden Fantasys

    We all would like to believe that, as when we were children in a family, there is in our society a final authority to whom we can turn in case we are seriously wronged. We are not predisposed to believe the accusers of the judicial process any more than the detractors of Santa Claus. Perhaps critics are merely sore losers or angry convicts, and perhaps judicial misconduct would be exposed by appeals courts or the mass media, and corrected. Why guess our way without the facts? Such pre-dispositions held by many otherwise educated adults allow pervasive institutional corruption of the judicial branch to remain hidden.


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