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The Great Los Angeles Housing Fraud

by Scott Zwartz and Rick Abrams Xmas December 25, 2017 Supply and Demand Does Not Set Housing Prices People suffer from a significant defect: first-in thoughts tend to skew later … Continue reading

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December 19, 2016 Charlottesville Race Commission Report

This is the link to   201612-19 Charlottesville Commission on Race etc . Just click on the name

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How Ignorance is Winning in Charlottesville

Zwartz Talk is presenting the December 19, 2016 City of Charolettesville’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorial, and Public Spaces which was calling for a transformation of Charolettesville’s public spaces … Continue reading

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City of LA Sued As Bike Lanes Are Health Risk to Children

By Scott Zwartz August 11, 2017 Bike Lanes in major streets pose an unreasonable health risk to children who have to peddle here the air pollution is greatest.  Two groups … Continue reading

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How the Davos 1% Are Leading Los Angeles Back to the Early 20th Century

The Dangers Lurking in Los Angeles’ Mobility Plan 2035 presented and edited by Scott Zwartz Friday, July 14, 2017 The Davos Set of the 1% have made their plans for … Continue reading

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Silence Can Become Complicity in Evil

by Scott Zwartz May 24, 2017 The Corrosive Effect of a Corrupt Judiciary on Society Although we recognize the symptoms of the flu, few people understand how the flu operates … Continue reading

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Warning — Onion Edition — The Gates of Hollywood

Hollywood To Install Gates To Protect The Hills by Scott Zwartz In response to the slumification of Hollywood south of Franklin Avenue, the portions of Hollywood north of Franklin Avenue … Continue reading

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