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Money Laundering in the California State Courts

by Scott Zwartz  April 4, 2018 “Nice work if you can get it.”  How to accumulate a few homes in Beverly Hills without paying on the mortgages is an interesting … Continue reading

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Why California Judicial Corruption is Ubiquitous

by Scott Zwartz   January 30, 2018    Lord Acton and Edmund Burke explained why judicial corruption resigns supreme in California. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord … Continue reading

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How To Kill L.A. City Council Corruption, Short Version

For those of us Angelenos who already know that the city is lethally corrupt, Zwartz Talk will not belabor the obvious and move directly to how to kill corruption. Here … Continue reading

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The Great Los Angeles Housing Fraud

by Scott Zwartz and Rick Abrams Xmas December 25, 2017 Supply and Demand Does Not Set Housing Prices People suffer from a significant defect: first-in thoughts tend to skew later … Continue reading

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December 19, 2016 Charlottesville Race Commission Report

This is the link to   201612-19 Charlottesville Commission on Race etc . Just click on the name

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How Ignorance is Winning in Charlottesville

Zwartz Talk is presenting the December 19, 2016 City of Charolettesville’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorial, and Public Spaces which was calling for a transformation of Charolettesville’s public spaces … Continue reading

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City of LA Sued As Bike Lanes Are Health Risk to Children

By Scott Zwartz August 11, 2017 Bike Lanes in major streets pose an unreasonable health risk to children who have to peddle here the air pollution is greatest.  Two groups … Continue reading

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