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Corruption of Western Civilization or Business as Usual

by Scott Zwartz Thursday, March 16, 2017   Western Civilization has fought against the corruption of the basic fabric of society for thousands of years. Leaving aside sophistry, all societies … Continue reading

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Is Los Angeles Judge Richard Fruin an Agent for the Chinese Government?

Is Los Angeles Judge Richard Fruin an Operative for the Chinese Government? By Scott Zwartz January 15, 2017 While the nation frets over Trump’s Russian connection, Los Angeles has to … Continue reading

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Raffi “The Worm” Shirinian and Urban Blox

by Scott Zwartz November 3, 2016 raffi-the-worm-shirinian-urban-pox      Raffi Shirinian is a Los Angeles developer. He has various companies.  Perhaps his most noted one is Urban Blox or as some … Continue reading

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What’s Next for L.A.’s Housing Fiasco? – Federalizing Municipal Debt

by Scott Zwartz Sunday, September 18, 2016      Los Angeles’ housing has turned into a fiasco.  The cause is hubris.  The City is run by men with giant egos and … Continue reading

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Vote Trading at LA City Council is The Lynch Pin to LA Corruption

by Scott Zwartz September 9, 2016       Yesterday, Thursday, September 8, 2016, SaveValleyVillage, a small group of concerned residents from tiny Valley Village section of Los Angeles, filed its First … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Falls Prey to Predatory Billionaires

by Scott Zwartz August 16, 2016      Los Angeles has become a predator society under the domination of few billionaires. Some call the new system corruptionism, and it is certainly … Continue reading

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Garcetti Goons Attack Valley Village

by Scott Zwartz August 13, 2016     Below is video of a guy we caught in the act of being himself, a Garcetti Goon.  This is just a snippet how … Continue reading

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