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About Zwartz Talk

Zwartz Talk is a group effort.  It focuses on how corruption harms Los Angeles.  As such, it necessarily deals with judicial corruption, which has significant impact on Angelenos.  When the City Council and the courts are both run according to the whim of men and not according to the rule of law, society suffers.

Because Land Use issues in Los Angeles have become suffused with corruption, many Zwartz Talk’s articles deal with Land Use, e.g. the Hollywood Community Plan, the Mobility Plan 2035, the the Mutual Bribery Voting System at City Hall.





8 comments on “About Zwartz Talk

  1. Max Kinge

    Ya know, Zwart,

    a lot of L.A’s problems seem to stem from our politicians relationships with developers. Despite the fact that there is an Ethics Commissioner, the position is that of appointed decoration.

    A few years ago, we came across a developer who had made $20,000 in contributions to a councilmemeber, despite the limit being $5,000. We printed out the evidence from the Ethics website and turned it in to the Ethics Commissioner. But after no reply and many unsuccessful telephone attempts we paid the E.C. a visit. It turns out that if a complaint is brought to the Ethics Commish, all s/he can do is turn the evidence over to said elected official. It is then up to the elected official tofo decide if he wishes to return the contribution. If s/he decides, “No. I think I’d like to keep that extra $15,000,” then there ain’t a damn thing the Ethics Commissioner can do about it.

    And did I mention the Ethics Commissioner is an appointed position? Appointed, no less, by the city council.

    In other words, there is NO checks and balance system in L.A. politics.

    Obviously, Garcetti is getting his touchee scratches by developers. And, I bet a little digging would show the developers are making contributions to him… or their Secretary is… or their brother in Chicago is… or sister in New York… there’s all kinds of ways around it.

    The point is – if just one of the cards on the bottom row gets yanked then the entire house comes crashing down. As one of the biggest problems in L.A. politics is the incestuous relationships between developers and politians, one of those bottom card in this case is the role, responsability, AND method in which the Ethics Commish becomes the Ethics Commish.


    • scottzwartz

      We have found the same thing that you found. That’s one reason the 2020 Commission’s recommendation that Garcetti and Wesson appoint a Transparency Committee was ludicrous. We don’t know what Mickey Kantor was thinking. Sometimes it is hard to tell senility from corruption.


  2. Luis

    Can I contact you by email about an issue?


  3. Luis

    Thanks! Will b in touch.



    Hello. I am an attorney and I have been directly tacking the broken system that ensures bad judges remain on the bench regardless of bias and incompetence. Is there anyway to speak further with the author(s) of this article?


    • scottzwartz

      I’ve been having trouble with my various emails and I just saw your comments. Try sending to to converse on the subject. Thanks


    • Luis

      Are u in Los Angeles/CA? Homeowners fighting for years r raising issues as to court bias in foreclosure but there seems to be alot of confusion and people pushing conspiracy type theories. Courts r starting to come down on lender fraud on court as well. I will b shooting to give Scott an update on my overall case but I am working w homeowners throughout state and country for potential group actions or advocacy.


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