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California Supreme Court Protects Christians from Jews and other Infidels

California Supreme Court Supports The Constitutional Right of Judges to  Use “Christian Sharia Law” Against Jews and Others Who “Refuse Jesus Christ”

by Scott Zwartz

August 16, 2015

   On August 15, 2015 attorneys for Hollywoodians Encouraging Logical Planning [HELP] received notice from the California Supreme Court that it has left standing the appellate court decision by Justice Paul Turner upholding the constitutional right of California judges and justices to bar Jews and others who refuse Jesus Christ from the court proceedings.  2015-8-15 HELP Supreme Ct order S227630

    In a practice which is generally condemned as cowardly, the California Supreme Court made prejudice and bigotry the law by denying a Petition to Review a lower court decision.  That means that the lower court decision is the law and the Supreme Court doesn’t have to dirty its hands by its actually writing the words, “It’s OK to be bigoted against Jews and others who refuse Jesus Christ.”  The denial was signed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Canti-Sakauye.

Calif Supreme Court 2015

Recap of Events

For those not familiar with this saga, here’s quick recap.

    (1)  At a hearing on February 10, 2015, attorney Frank Angel told judge John Torribio that opposing counsel  was such a bad person that he would “refuse Jesus Christ.”

   (2)  With Judge Torribio’s permission, Frank Angel went up to the bench, showing Judge Torribio some papers and saying something about the other attorney was really a Jew, named Richard Abrams.

   (3)  From the counsel table, the other attorney, i.e. The Jew, objected to Frank Angel’s and Judge Torribio’s having a private side bar from which he was excluded.  Despite the repeated objections, Judge Torribio refused to allow The Jew Attorney approach the bench or to know what documents he and Frank Angel were so assiduously scrutinizing.

     (4)  Weeks later when Jewish attorney’s other client, HELP, saw that Judge Torribio was excluding it from hearings, HELP served a Disqualification Statement against Judge Torribio. In it, HELP expressly brought to John Torribio’s attention his excluding the Jewish attorney from the sidebar as soon as Frank Angel had told Judge Torribio that HELP’s attorney was a Jew who would “refuse Jesus Christ.”

    At the time HELP made the Disqualification Statement, it had many serious objections against Judge Torribio. The exclusion from the sidebar was pertinent because HELP’s attorney was not permitted to see what documents the judge was reviewing.  HELP’s anticipated some type of response from Torribio denying any prejudice.  Who knows, maybe he didn’t hear what Frank Angel said.  Now, Judge Torribio had a chance to clear his name — so to speak.

    (5)  Judge Torribio response did not deny his conduct, nor he did deny his barring the Jewish attorney from the sidebar because he was a Jew.  Judge Torribio made no apology.  No, rather Judge Torribio asserted that the California Constitution gave him to right to evaluate evidence, to determine witnesses credibility, and to decide who could participate on the basis of their ethnicity and/or religion. All these odious ideas came from the Strike Order which Judge Torribio signed under penalty of perjury.

    (6)   No one forced Judge Torribio to adopt Frank Angel’s religious bigotry.  Judge Torribio made a deliberate decision to adopt Frank Angel’s religious intolerance.  Judge Torribio was also silent in the face of the accusation that religious prejudice was the reason he excluded the Jewish attorney from the sidebar. One would hope that Judge Torribio knew California law that silence in the face of an accusation is an admission of guilt. Judge Torribio went far beyond adoption of Frank Angel’s religious prejudice; he elevated religious and ethnic bigotry to a constitutional right. Torribio’s 2015-5-18 Strike Order

    (7)  When HELP appealed the Strike Order to California’s Second Appellate District Court, Justice Paul Turner supported Judge Torribio’s right to use religious and ethnic bigotry in running his courtroom, in weighing evidence and determining witness credibility and deciding which attorney could participate in hearings.   2015-6-26 Turner Decision

    Once again, we see the cowardly way that bigotry  works its way into the law.  Justice Paul Turner does not use the actual words “refuse Jesus Christ,” but he finds that the sidebar which excluded The Jew , as soon as Judge Torribio learns that  the attorney is actually a Jew, to be unobjectionable.

    In other words, The California Supreme Court has agreed that  judges have a constitutional right to use religious and ethnic bigotry to weight evidence, to determine witness credibility and to decide who may participate in court.

 Let’s Not Worry.

It’s Only One Jew  Who’s Being Screwed.

     We have to keep a sense of proportion about us.  This is only one Jew.  After all, that couldn’t lead to anything bad.

        Update: September 18, 2015.   Since California Chief Justice Canti-Sakauye fully supports California judges’ using their religious beliefs to attack Jews and others who “refuse Jesus Christ,” do not expect any member of the California judiciary to be bold enough to object.

     Paul Turner threatened another Jewish attorney with bankruptcy and disbarment unless he abandoned his client so that Paul Turner’s buddy Frank Angel could claim he was SaveHywd’s attorney.   SaveHywd allowed their second Jewish attorney to withdraw to save himself from bankruptcy, whereupon Paul Turner appointed his buddy Frank Angel to be SaveHywd’s attorney.

      Update: January 2016: It turns out that this saga of bigotry and corruption in the California judiciary began with a secret ex parte communication between Angel Law and Paul Turner through an intermediary at the Courts of Appeals.  Although the Rules of Judicial Conduct require judges to disclose any and all ex parte communications with the court, Paul Turner never disclosed that on December 18, 2014, Angel Law had asked Paul Turner to remove the Jewish attorney as SaveHywd’s attorney so that Frank Angel could take his place.  Without providing he Jewish attorney any opportunity to be heard, Paul Turner removed the Jewish attorney and replaced him with Frank Angel.

       Update: June 5, 2016: Now Justice Paul Turner has fined the Jewish attorney $9,000.00. for his objecting to the discrimination.


One comment on “California Supreme Court Protects Christians from Jews and other Infidels

  1. Fatima Katumbusi

    This makes all the sense. In my family law proceeding my ex said i was a Muslim..remind u i dont practice the religion and my name was given to me by birth. I believe and i do believe at this point the tyranny i continue to experience is it. With illegality of the whole judicial process. Thanks for sharing this value piece of information.


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