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Corrupt Courts Devastate Hollywood – A Matter of Public Concern

Corruption 01February 12, 2015

Power Corrupts and Corruption Destroys

.   When the federal court called out California courts for pandemic ethical violations, it focused on the judges and the courts themselves more than on the “errant lawyers.”  Again, I link the LA Times article about the federal court so that people can see for themselves what the feds said about California courts. January 31, 2015 LA Times, U.S. Judges See ‘Epidemic’ of Prosecutorial Misconduct in State,  By Maura Dolan

.    No court system infected with corruption can provide justice.  Generalities don’t help as much as real cases – let’s look at the Hollywood case of SaveHywd and HELP v the City of Los Angeles, BS 138370 (Court website omits all of October and November 2014)

The Dishonorable History Which Gave Rise to the SaveHywd Case

.   Our illustrious Mayor Garcetti was once councilman for the heart of Hollywood, called council district 13.  I’m not superstitious, but the only more appropriate number for the district would have been 666.  While Garcetti proclaimed that his CD 13 was “revitalized” under his leadership, the facts show that CD 13 was literally destroyed.  Garcetti’s atrocious policies caused so many people to flee Hollywood’s core, that CD 13 ceased to be a legal council district.  In order to remain a legal council district, CD 13 had to steal portions of Koreatown and CD 4. 1-3-2013 LA Weekly Hollywood’s Urban Cleansing by Patrick Range McDonald

.   Then, Judge Allan Goodman issued his January 15, 2014 Statement of Decision throwing out Garcetti’s Hollywood Community Plan as it had been based on “fatally flawed data” and “wishful thinking.”  One would think that things were about to get much better for Hollywood.  We all anticipated a new Hollywood Community Plan based on accurate data rather than deception. (Ooops, no one noticed that in January 2014,  Judge Goodman was beginning his descent into Ethical Hell.)

.   Well, here we are . . .  More than a year later (as of Feb 2015). . .  so where’s the new Hollywood Community Plan?   There is none.  Really, all these mega-projects are being approved without even a draft of a new Hollywood Community Plan.  When The Honorable Judge Goodman threw out Garcetti’s Hywd Plan, we reverted to The 1988 Hollywood Community Plan, and that’s were the judicial misconduct entered the picture.

.    That’s right, we are stuck with a Plan that is twenty-seven (27) years old and whose Commercial element expired in 2010!  Judge Goodman, however, will not follow up on his January 2014 opinion and have The City issue a new Notice of Preparation of a new Draft EIR.  Instead, Judge Goodman paved the way for an attorney to no longer represented any party in the Hollywood Community Plan litigation to get $1/4 Million from the City of Los Angeles.

OKAY, it gets worse from here – much worse!!!

.  The 1988 Hollywood Community Plan says that its Commercial Section ended in 2010.   By its own terms The 1988 Plan’s Commerce Section did not extend past 2010.  Judge Goodman may or may not have known this fact, but we do know that after the information became well-known, Judge Goodman has allowed The City to operate under the 1988 Hollywood Community Plan.  Thus, the Hollywood Plan to which we all reverted on January 15, 2014, allows the developers to construct anything they wish with no guidelines.  Take a look at The Millennium Towers; it was not rejected because it violated the Community Plan.  Look at the project at 8150 Sunset Boulevard.  Look at the project on the N/W corner of Hollywood boulevard and La Brea.  Look at La Brea Avenue itself.

.   Now, the saga becomes polluted with court corruption of the exact type which so upset the federal court.  When the Feds said, “pandemic,” they meant the lack of ethics infects the entire court system.  Perjury has become like the Ebola Virus endangering the health of the judicial system itself. The pandemic of California judges’ closing their eyes to extreme attorney misconduct struck right here in the heart of Hollywood.


 Here’s the story with names, dates and culprits

.    In January 2014, SaveHywd, a grassroots unincorporated association, was one of the petitioners in the litigation over the Garcetti Hollywood Community Plan Update.  But, SaveHywd along with its lead attorney, Richard MacNaughton, were under attack in court by one of its own secondary attorneys, Frank Angel. Attorney MacNaughton had begun work on the Update to the Hollywood Community Plan in 2005 and SaveHywd formally retained Attorney MacNaughton as its attorney on July 18, 2012.  7-18-2012 SaveHyd- MacNaughton Contract

.    In August 2012, SaveHywd had retained Frank Angel, Esq. to provide CEQA supplemental advice to lead attorney MacNaughton at Mr. Mac Naughton’s request. (Later in 2012 when attorney MacNaughton had a bout with cancer, Frank Angel was allowed to make court appearances.  Frank Angel still remained second fiddle.)  The contract with Frank Angel speaks for itself.  8-25-2012 SaveHyd – Angel Law Contract  [NOTE:  There is no subsequent contract between SaveHywd and Angel Law, but instead Frank Angel’s contract was terminated on February 14, 2014 for the reasons stated in SaveHywd’s termination letter.  2014-2-14 SaveHyd’s Letter firing Angel Law]

History How Frank Angel stabbed His Own Client, SaveHywd,

So That He Could Claim All  Attorney Fees

.    In September 2013, Frank Angel wanted to become Lead Attorney, but SaveHywd would not agree.  Thus, Frank Angel turned to a third party, a corporation, with a similar name, savehollywoodorg corp. # C3505307.  This corporation, as Frank Angel knew, was not the Petitioner SaveHywd.  After SaveHywd had been telling Frank Angel to knock it off and stop sabotaging the case by pretending that the corporation was the petitioner, Frank Angel filed documents with the court to have his own client, SaveHywd, removed from its own case so that Frank Angel’s new client, the corporation, would become the petitioner (and also make Frank Angel the attorney).

.    Yes, hard as it will be for attorneys to believe, Frank Angel became so bold that he even went into court and told judge Goodman to eject SaveHywd from its own lawsuit.  I doubt any attorney reading this article has even seen an attorney attack his own client in court, while still under contract to that client.

    Frank Angel Violated The Essence

of the Attorney Client Relationship

.   It is absolutely and completely forbidden for an attorney to undertake representation of a second client and oppose his first client over the objections of his first client.  Flatt v Superior Court

.   There is also a strong rule of professional conduct, forbidding this behavior.

Frank Angel is a Client’s Worst Nightmare

.   Frank Angel, one of SaveHywd’s own attorneys, went into court trying to get his own client ejected from its own lawsuit!  As the documents show, Frank Angel’s purpose was to make himself lead the only attorney for SaveHywd and claim the attorney fees for work Attorney MacNaughton had performed since 2005.  The only way to become lead attorney was for Frank Angel was to first kick his client out of its own case on the false repre-sentation that the corporation had superseded Petitioner SaveHwyd.

.   If any attorney knows of any case which permits an attorney to go into court and attack his/her own client’s right to exist, please email it to me

Could Matters Sink Deeper into the Mud Hole of Dishonesty? Yes!

.    Frank Angel also gave the court SaveHywd’s confidential documents which Frank Angel had obtained as the attorney for SaveHywd.  This breach of confidentiality struck at the foundation of the attorney client relationship.  How can the attorney client relationship exist if the attorney may take the confidential information which he obtains from his client and then go into court and make his client’s secrets known to the public?

Yes, it gets worse

.   We have already traveled into a No-Man’s-Land of ethical wrongdoing which is likely unparalleled in American jurisprudence.

.    Frank Angel also shows Judge Goodman Attorney MacNaughton’s confidential assessment of Judge Goodman and how to best structure SaveHywd’s case!  Now, SaveHywd’s strategy is open to opposing counsel – in a case which may continue for years.  Did Judge Goodman say anything about Frank Angel’s unethical disclosure of confidential Attorney Work Product which divulged the lead attorney’s strategy for on-going litigation?  No, Judge Goodman fund nothing wrong with such behavior just as he found nothing wrong with Frank Angel’s betraying his own client.   After it was shown that Frank Angel was not in fact representation Petitioner SaveHywd, but was in fact representing a third party to the lawsuit, the corporation, Frank Angel admitted in writing that  he was advocating for the corporation against the wishes of his own client.   Judge Goodman closed his eyes to his egregious misconduct about which the federal appeals court was to condemn a year later in January 2015.   see January 31, 2015 LA Times, U.S. Judges See ‘Epidemic’ of Prosecutorial Misconduct in State, by Maura Dolan and Direct Link to the 9th Circuit Hearing

The Bottomless Abyss of Attorney Treachery

.   Yes, it has become farcical to again ask if matters would become more corrupt, but we are about to take a giant leap into the abyss of judicial corruption.

The public needs to see the facts. The public needs to see what actually happened.  This case affects everyone in Hollywood as it concerns the basic planning document which will determine Hollywood’s future for the next 50 to 100 years.

The Court’s Cover-up Begins

.   Faced with all this evidence of Frank Angel’s breach of duty of loyalty to his client and with his breach of his duty of confidentiality, Judge Goodman covers-up Frank Angel’s transgressions.  Furthermore, Frank Angel had presented declarations knowing that they contained materially false statements.

.    Frank Angel’s breach of duties was clear from the documents which Frank Angel himself gave to the court.  These ethical violations were not a He Said-She Said situation where Judge Goodman had to figure out who was telling the truth.  All of Frank Angel’s misdeeds were presented in pleadings and declarations to Judge Goodman by Frank Angel.  All SaveHywd had to do was say, “Frank Angel is breaching his duties of loyalty and confidentiality,” and that ends the matter.  The Flatt v Superior Court Case (p 284) makes Frank Angel’s Disqualification automatic.  But, not if Frank Angel buddy-buddy with the court.

Rather, Judge Goodman does Nothing

.   As a result in February 2014, SaveHywd was forced to bring its own motion formally advising Judge Goodman that SaveHywd had fired Frank Angel due to his breach of duties of loyalty and confidentiality and that the Court should cease to accept filings from Frank Angel.  2014-2-14 SaveHyd’s Letter firing Angel La

.    SaveHywd had fired Frank Angel on February 14, 2014, but Frank Angel would not stop filing pleadings, which were designed to allow the City to never have to issue a new Update to the Hollywood Community Plan.  Thus, SaveHywd brought a motion requesting the Court to not allow the corporation, savehollywoodorg, to file anything with the court since it was not a party to the litigation.

.  Under the case of Flatt v Superior Court, a client’s former attorney may not represent a new client who has any interests contrary to the first client.  Since the corporation favored increasing Hollywood’s population density, favored Transit Oriented Districts [TODs] and favored more mixed use projects like The Millennium, and Petitioner SaveHywd opposed all those things, Frank Angel as SaveHywd’s prior subordinate attorney could not represent the corporation.  Also, since the corporation was not a party to the Hollywood Plan litigation, it had no right to file any papers in this case — just as no other third party could start filing documents with the court.

.   On March 25, 2014, Judge Goodman not only allowed Frank Angel’s corporation to continue to file documents in the case, but Judge Goodman also orders SaveHywd not to bring up the subject ever again in court!  [Legal jargon was: “denied motion with prejudice.”]

.    On March 27, 2014, Judge Goodman signs an order paving the way for Frank Angel, who is now only the attorney for the corporation and entitled to zero attorney fees under Flatt v Superior Court to be paid $250,000.00 in attorney fees.

.   Hmmm, Two orders  — just two days apart – (1) Judge Goodman covers-up Frank Angel’s massive wrongdoing which strikes at the heart of the attorney-client relations so that Frank Angel would instead be rewarded for his treachery, (2) Judge Goodman signs order allowing Frank Angel to get attorneys fees.  Suspicious minds might think the two order were connected.

How a Bottomless Abyss Becomes Deeper

.    Yes, yes, yes — we have already sunk farther into the darkness of corruption than attorneys can imagine, but like a movie where we eartlings bore to the center of the earth, the judicial cover-up becomes more fantastical than Jules Verne’s 1864 classic, A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

.   On December 8, 2014, Frank Angel, no doubt encouraged by Judge Goodman’s cover-up, files a request with the Court to order that Attorney MacNaughton pay Frank Angel $27,600.00.  Why? Because Attorney MacNaughton says that he represents petitioner SaveHywd.  Wow, Frank Angel wants $27,600.00 because Attorney MacNaughton tells the truth.

.    Although Judge Goodman had covered-up Frank Angel’s breaches of duty, Judge Goodman had never acquiesced in Frank Angel’s outlandish claim that his corporation was the true petitioner and that Attorney MacNaughton was not SaveHywd’s attorney.

The Stage Is Set for Disaster for Judge Goodman

.    Because Judge Goodman had muzzled SaveHywd, ordering it not to bring up Frank Angel’s transgressions or Judge Goodman’s cover-up, none of this could come to light by virtue of SaveHywd’s initiating any action.  There was, however, no order to prevent SaveHywd from revealing all the corruption when SaveHywd responds to Frank Angel’s motion to be paid $27,600.00.

Destruction of the Judicial System from Above

.    Like a lightning bolt out of the blue, Justice Paul Turner from the appeals court hurls down an order that Attorney MacNaughton does not represent SaveHywd!

.   What is so strange about this order?  Justice Turner had no jurisdiction over the matter.  No one had appealed the issue to the appeals court and no one had made a motion in the appeals court.

Lack of Jurisdiction

.    The US Constitution requires that a court must have jurisdiction before it acts.  No court may issue orders on matters where it has no jurisdiction.  Otherwise, you could wake up some morning to discover that the judge’s brother-in-law owns your house.  If courts could without jurisdiction, then judges could make orders at any time about anything without any warning to anyone.  The appeals court does not have original jurisdiction.  A person cannot file a complaint in the Appeals Court like one file a complaint in the trial court, which has general jurisdiction.  As the name implies, “appeals court” aka “Appellate courts” are limited to hearing appeals.  If an issue has not been appealed to the appellate court from the trial court, the appeals court has no jurisdiction to determine the matter.  SaveHywd had appealed to the Appeals court.  Thus, the appeals court had no jurisdiction to decide that Frank Angel could represent SaveHywd in the appeals court.

.   There is a small exception to the rule.  If there is a matter which pertains only to the appeals court, a party may make a motion in the appeals court to have that matter determined.  For example, SaveHywd and HELP had made a motion in the appeals court, that when the City had appealed a ruling in favor of La Mirada Neighborhood Association, it had added SaveHywd and HELP as one of the Respondents.  That issue could not have been decided before Judge Goodman since it happened when Judge Goodman had lost jurisdiction of the case by virtue of the City’ appeal.

.   SaveHywd had not appealed Judge Goodman’s March 25, 2014 order that non-party aavehollywoodorg’s attorney, Frank Angel, could continue to file papers in the case despite its not being a party.  The March 25, 2014 order did not make Frank Angel into Petitioner SaveHywd’s attorney, but it did allow Frank Angel to get $1/4 Million in attorney fees as corporation savehollywoodorg’s attorney.

.  In simplest of terms, nothing concerning Petitioner SaveHywd, the corporation savehollywoodorg or Frank Angel’s misconduct had been appealed to the appellate court, which therefore had no jurisdiction and anything it did on that issue was void for lack of jurisdiction.

.  In addition to a court’s having jurisdiction, it must follow Due Process.

Lack of Due Process

.  The US Constitution makes Due Process a part of every court in the United States and in every state court.  Due Process requires that a person have notice of what’s going on.  Due Process does not start with the Court Order depriving someone of life, liberty or property.

.   Justice Turner’s cover-up of Judge Goodman’s cover-up of Frank Angel’s outrageous behavior has burst through all limits on judicial authority.  We now have an appeals court justice just issuing an order when he knows he has no jurisdiction and he knows he provided no Due Process.

.   [Ex parte is Latin meaning that the court may not converse with one party to a case outside the presence of all parties.  If such a thing should concur, then the excluded party has to be notified as soon as possible so that remedial action may be taken.  [Nor, are justices allowed to email the attorneys for the superior court in order to decide how the structure a case against on of the parties.]

.  It appears that the ex parte conversation devised a system where Justice Turner would ask SaveHywd to identify its attorney without the aid of its attorney.  Yes, bizarre as they sounds Justice Turner order SaveHywd to respond to the court without its attorney.  In fact, Justice Turner’s office told saveHywd’s attorney MacNaughton that if he filed anything it would not be read what Attorney MacNaughton wrote as the court wanted only a few brief lines directly from SaveHywd itself.  When SaveHywd itself as the client objected to this process, Justice Turner’s office assured SaveHywd that not to worry. I any conflict arose,  then Justice Turner would order briefing on the subject whether Frank Angel could be appearing in the appellate court.  Unknown to SaveHywd, Justice Turner was allowing Frank Angel to submit his own attorney statement and about one hundred additional pages while SaveHywd itself was limited to a couple sentences.

.  As the actual contracts which are linked above show, the MacNaughton contract expressly retained MacNaughton as SaveHywd’s appellate attorney and the contract with Frank Angel expressly excluded Frank Angel from any appellate work and require Frank Angel to follow Attorney MacNaughton’s direction.

.     Without an jurisdiction and without Due Process and 100% contrary to the evidence, Justice Turner removed SaveHyw and Attorney MacNaughton from the appellate case and made Frank Angel SaveHywd’s attorney.

.    Judicial immunity is coextensive with jurisdiction.  While Judge Goodman’s extortion of $1/4 million on behalf of Frank Angel was done while Judge Goodman was ruling on issues which were actually before him, Justice Turner had no jurisdiction and hence he had no judicial immunity.  Thus in his grandiose hubris that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, Justice Turner opened himself to being sued — personally.  All this judicial chicanery came down in December 2014

.    When Judge Goodman arranged for Frank Angel to get $1/4 Million from the City of Los Angeles, the federal court’s criticism was about a year in the future.  By December 26, 2014 when Justice  Turner issued his void order, the federal admonition was one month away.   As people noted, the feds did not blame the attorneys who were engaged in the misconduct including subordination of perjury, they blamed the entire California judiciary. It does not take much parsing to see that when the entire system is being criticized for corruption, that is a charge directed at the Chief Justice who has been presiding over system which has encouraged such misconduct to the point that it had become an epidemic.

Cue The Supremes

.   After Judge Goodman’s cover-up of Frank Angel’s misconduct involved the appeals court, SaveHywd naively petitioned the California Supreme Court intervention. Ha! Let’s be realistic.  SaveHywd would have done much better to go to Diana Ross.

.   Who allows all this court corruption to exist?   The feds gave us our answer; ultimately they blame the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court.   That accusation did not originate with SaveHywd or with Attorney MacNaughton for that charge; it came from three federal judges who are very, very familiar with the obscenities which plague the California state court.

.    When the federal court accused the California courts of turning blind eyes to unethical behavior, they were clearly speaking to the leader of the California court system – The Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court.  Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye was appointed Chief Justice in 2011, and she had had plenty of time to stop any corruption.  If she had been taking any ameliorative actions, it is doubtful the three federal judges would have made their charges against the entire California system.  Although the three federal judges have not subsequently expanded on their comments (as far as Zwartz Talking knows), it seems likely that they made their comments because matters were further deteriorating under Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye.

.   We have seen similar behavior before.  The attorney who fights for constitutional rights is sent to jail.   May 24, 2010 CNN Special Investigations Unit, Ex-lawyer Jailed But Not Charged With a Crime

.   Leaving aside Attorney MacNaughton’s anticipated imprisonment as happened to Attorney Fine, the more important matter is the harm to Hollywood.

Corruption Makes a Legal Morass

Out of Hollywood Development

.   In 2010, Hollywood had 198,228 people, but many people living outside of Hollywood are also affected by the construction in Hollywood.  In June 2013, CalTrans has opined that one project alone, The Millennium Towers, will make The Hollywood Freeway congestion “disastrous.”

.   Now hundreds of thousands of people and a multitude of projects have been thrown into a legal hell.  By its own terms, The 1988 Hollywood Community Plan Commerce Section was valid only through 2010 and there is no new Update.  No one knows where this legal mess will end. Garcetti naturally believes that expiration of the Commerce Section means developers have no constraints; Garcetti may be correct. The courts may just ignore the words in The 1988 Community Plan and rule in favor of mega-projects.  On the other hand, even if the courts were to rule that The 1988 Plan is in force despite the 2010 end date, how will these projects fair when passed under a 27 year old plan?  There is an independent legal challenge that a 27 year old plan is no plan.

.   The last word we heard from CalTrans was in 2013 when it said:

There are two bottom lines in the Caltrans analysis: one, the potential impacts from this mega-project [The Millennium] will make the freeway and surrounding streets more unsafe; and two, the failure to measure and properly mitigate these impacts violates the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA.

.   Over $2 Billion of new projects are being approved while Judge Goodman allows The City to proceed with no Hollywood Community Plan.  But for the  cover-up, we would have a Notice of Preparation and that means that CalTrans would already have prepared a new report on the traffic disaster which is being imposed on Hollywood.

Summary of Extreme Misconduct

.   Allowing an attorney to attack his own client in court destroys the attorney client relationship.  Allowing an attorney to give out his client’s confidential papers over the objections of his client also destroys the attorney client relationship.

.   The public has the right to know about judicial corruption in time so that people can try to do something about it.  If we wait until the courts have their way, the likely outcome will be Attorney MacNaughton is disbarred, in jail, and Hollywood will still have no Community Plan.

.  The power of the courts has to be confined to disputes where the court has jurisdiction, and the courts must allow Due Process.  Otherwise, a judge can take pot shots at whomever he wants whenever he wants.

1.    Frank Angel’s behavior is not theoretical; it is real.

2.    Judge Goodman’s behavior is not theoretical; it is real.

3.    Justice Turner’s behavior is not theoretical; it is real.

4.    The harm done to SaveHywd is not theoretical; it is real

5.    The harm done to Attorney MacNaughton is not theoretical; it is real.

6.    The harm done to Hollywood is not theoretical; it is real.

.   Will this unimaginable juggernaut of misconduct and judicial corruption stop?  No.  The Supreme Court leads this judicial system which allows such reprehensible behavior to become ever worse.

January 22, 2015 Update:

Justice Turner’s Secret ex parte Conflab

With Angel Law

.   When Zwartz Talk wrote about the perfidious behavior of Justice Paul Turner, Zwartz Talk and SaveHwyd did not know about Justice Turner’s secret communication with Angel Law on December 18, 2014 at which time Justice Turner decided to remove Attorney MacNaughton as SaveHywd’s attorney and to make his buddy Frank Angel Hywd’s attorney.

.  The Canons of Judicial Ethics require that a judge disclose any type of contact with only one party to all the other parties.  Justice Turner, however, has kept this December 18, 2014 communication with Frank Angel a secret.

.   Judicial Canon 3(b)(7) goes farther than an absolute requirement that the judge inform everyone else of the ex parte communication. Sometimes, it is a minor matter such as scheduling a hearing.  When it deals with anything  significant, the law requires the judge to give the maligned party the opportunity to respond and defend himself.  During the December 18th secret communication, Angel Law falsely told Justice Turner that SaveHywd had fired Attorney MacNaughton in July 2014.  This lie was the exact opposite of what Judge Goodman had just found in September 2014, i.e., that Attorney MacNaughton represented SaveHywd and Frank Angel did not.  Justice Turner has no use for facts.  His concern is to use his power to help his friends.  Justice Turner did not care what the trial court had found and he did not care that Frank Angel had not appealed the trial court decision to the appellate court.  After all, when you’re a psychopath, what good is power if you do not use it to harm innocent people?

.    Because Justice Turner not reveal the secret ex parte communication with Angel Law, SaveHywd and Attorney MacNaughton could not defend themselves from the false accusations.  Justice Turner does not believe that he has to follow the law and informed people who are accused of wrongdoing of the accusations.  Rather, Justice Turner immediately issues an order, and even then, he keeps the false accusations secret.

.    Not until September 21, 2015 when they saw the declaration of Attorney Cheng from May 29, 2015, did SaveHywd and Attorney MacNaughton learn about the secret ex parte communication.  Although the appellate case B263181 in which Ms. Cheng made her declaration (on the last day she worked for Angel Law) was not the same case where Justice Turner had unlawfully removed Attorney MacNaughton as SaveHywd’s attorney (B257712), Justice Turner doubled down on his corrupt ways.  Rather than own up to his misconduct of concealing his prior secret communications with Angel Law, Justice Turner then altered the records of the appellate court in case B263181.  Justice Turner erased the parties and attorneys page which showed that Attorney MacNaughton represented SaveHywd and instead Justice Turner created a new page showing that Frank Angel was SaveHywd’s attorney. Justice Turner also destroyed the court’s records which showed that the new case, B263181, was SaveHywd v Frank Angel, into Fix The City v City of Los Angeles.

.   Next based upon the adulterated records for the second district, Justice Turner then refused to accept any filings by SaveHwyd and its attorney.  That way, Justice Turner is making certain that the revelations of his prior unlawful conduct do not become part of the court record.

.    The matter is serious for Justice Turner in that he had no jurisdiction for his December 26, 2014 order to remove Attorney MacNaughton.  His illicit order, however, became part of identity theft and then Justice Turner help Frank Angel obtain an additional $133,000.00 award of attorney fees to which Frank Angel was not entitled.  The Identity Theft arose in that the group which Frank Angel asserts is SaveHywd is not SaveHywd, but is an entirely different group.  By stealing SaveHywd’s identity, they have managed to get attorney award is excess of Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars [$370,000.00] from the City of Los Angeles.

.   Justice Turner’s and Frank Angel’s greed is unrestrained as they are colluding to rip off a few hundreds thousand more dollars.

.   By the way, who else benefits from all this judicial corruption?  The mega-developers in Hollywood.  It was Frank Angel who told Judge Goodman that it was reasonable for Hollywood to double in population from 198,228 people in 2010 to 400,000 people by year 2030.  Attorney MacNaughton’s and SaveHywd’s position was that the Hywd Community Plan had to study DownSizing and DownZoning Hollywood.  The law required that the City study DownSizing and DownZoning Hollywood so that there would be no more mega-projects because Hollywood had steadily lost population from 1990, when it had about 214,000 people, so that in 2010, it has substantially less than 200,000 people.  As a result, there was no basis to Manhattanized Hollywood.

.    Thus, it is vital for Frank Angel and Justice Turner and for the mega-developers in Hollywood that the actual SaveHywd and its attorney Richard MacNaughton be silenced and driven out of business.  All they need is a completely corrupt judiciary and they have that in spades with Justice Paul Turner.

But the mega-developers! 

How has all this judicial corruption benefited them?

.   The Law of Unintended Consequences has intruded on this scam to derail SaveHywd’s DownSizing – DownZoning Alternative [Ds-Dz Alternative] to be studied in a new update to the Hywd Com Plan.  Confident that Frank Angel and his judicial cronies had killed off the Ds-Dz Alternative, they proceeded to propose mega-project after mega-project.  They have gigantic projects starting at the western border of Hollywood at 8120 Sunset Boulevard, all along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards do to Vermont Avenue in the east.

.   Because Judge Goodman refused to have the city issue a new update to the Hollywood Community Plan, it is open season for developers to do anything they want.  Judge Goodman reinstated the 1988 Hollywood Community Plan which was based on data from the 1960’s, the 1970’s and the very early 1980’s when Hollywood was undergoing a huge population increase.  By refusing to order the city to issue an update to the Hollywood Community Plan which would have to be based on current and correct data, Judge Goodman  has given the City to use the wishful thinking and fatally flawed data — which was the foundation of his January 15, 2014 order.

.  What the public does not know is that it is not the court’s original decision that is controlling, but rather, it is the court’s follow-up judgment and writ.  That is where Judge Goodman screwed everyone.  Rather than basing the judgment and writ on his January 15, 2014 decision, Judge Goodman paved the way for all these mega-developments.  Justice Turner is doing his part to cover-up this double dealing by the courts as well as cover-up Frank Angel’s extreme attorney misconduct.

.   In place of the Ds-Dz Alternative, the City is now facing a ballot proposal Moratorium on all Mega-Projects. Even the Daily Business Journal has caught on to the corruption at City Hall and how it has been seriously harming the city since 2000.  To make matters worse, all the studies and ranking of how well cities have done since the Crash of 2008 are placing Los Angeles at the bottom of the rankings.  Not only do we have the worst roads and sidewalks and water main bursting, we are seeing in Aliso Canyon how money at City Hall allows the most nefarious of dangers to exist. It is not that no one knew about the danger.  Powerful people backed by powerful politicians and a corrupt judiciary can do whatever they want — except repeal the laws of nature.

.    It would have done no good for anyone to file a lawsuit to compel the Gas Company to behave responsibility.  There would always be a Justice Turner to protect the rich and powerful.  We saw the same with the Savings and Loan Scandal in the 1980’s; the judges turned against the whistle blowers.  We saw the same thing with Eron.  The courts trashed the whistle blowers despite the fact that Enron Corruption had virtually bankrupted the state of California.  We saw the same thing leading up the the Crash of 2008, when the Los Angeles Superior Courts in Santa Monica had a chance in 2005 and 2006 to stop the massive mortgage frauds at Countrywide.  They trashed the whistle-blower.  No one dares speak about the role which judicial corruption has played in each and every economic disaster that has faced the United States in the last 50 years.

.  The demographic data shows how the developer corruption, which has been aided and abetted by Justice Turner, is destroying Los Angeles as a city of opportunity, but no one has the nerve to say anything.  Does the US Attorney care about the ongoing 42 U.S.C. 1983 violations in the appellate court?  This SaveHywd fiasco is not Justice Turner’s first time at bat.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton 1887   No power is more corrupting that the absolute power of the judiciary.


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