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Corruption of Western Civilization or Business as Usual

by Scott Zwartz Thursday, March 16, 2017   Western Civilization has fought against the corruption of the basic fabric of society for thousands of years. Leaving aside sophistry, all societies … Continue reading

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Raffi “The Worm” Shirinian and Urban Blox

by Scott Zwartz November 3, 2016 raffi-the-worm-shirinian-urban-pox      Raffi Shirinian is a Los Angeles developer. He has various companies.  Perhaps his most noted one is Urban Blox or as some … Continue reading

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Los Angeles in Revolt!

by Scott Zwartz April 24, 2016       Revolt?  Maybe 1/10 of 1/100th  of 1/3 of 1% of Angelenos are in revolt, but they have lawyers!  One person with one lawyer … Continue reading

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Mutual Bribery Is Alive and Well At L.A. City Council

Thursday, March 3, 2016 by Scott Zwartz      Mutual Bribery are the best words to describe how the Los Angeles City Council functions.  This article will explain how the … Continue reading

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Los Angeles, Where One Vote = Unanimity

L.A. Is So Corrupt that . . . How Corrupt it it? One Vote is a Unanimous Vote by Scott Zwartz Sunday, November 1, 2015 .    Everything you learned about … Continue reading

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Valley Village Attacks Los Angeles City Hall Corruption

by Scott Zwartz October 11, 2015 .     Like the weather, everybody talks about City Hall corruption, but no one does anything about it — until now!  A group calling itself … Continue reading

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