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California Supreme Court Protects Christians from Jews and other Infidels

California Supreme Court Supports The Constitutional Right of Judges to  Use “Christian Sharia Law” Against Jews and Others Who “Refuse Jesus Christ” by Scott Zwartz August 16, 2015    On … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

A New Dress Code for L.A. Courts by Scott Zwartz July 26, 2015     Oh, My Goodness!  California courts have a Jew problem. Jews are using Christian names to disguise … Continue reading

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Rogue Court Gives a Dilemma to The California Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court Faces a Moral Dilemma by Scott Zwartz July 11, 2015 .    California courts are organized in a pyramid.  There are hundreds of trial court rooms at … Continue reading

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If You Reject Jesus, California Judge Rejects You

 Division Five of California’s Second Appellate District Just Upheld a Trial Court’s Exclusion of a Jewish Attorney from a Sidebar Because He would Refuse Jesus Christ. .     On Friday, June … Continue reading

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Stench from the Bench #4

How Hubris Has Turned The California Judiciary into Ethical Swamp Land by Scott Zwartz Sunday, June 14, 2015 with Sunday, February 14, 2016 Addendum Brief Background of California Judicial Corruption … Continue reading

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Corrupt Courts Devastate Hollywood – A Matter of Public Concern

February 12, 2015 Power Corrupts and Corruption Destroys .   When the federal court called out California courts for pandemic ethical violations, it focused on the judges and the courts themselves … Continue reading

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Stench from the Bench: Judge Torribio Frames Innocent Attorney

by Scott Zwartz April 22, 2015 With September 20, 2015 Update    First The Update:     When this article was first written in April 2015, this writer was unaware … Continue reading

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