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Corruption of Western Civilization or Business as Usual

by Scott Zwartz Thursday, March 16, 2017   Western Civilization has fought against the corruption of the basic fabric of society for thousands of years. Leaving aside sophistry, all societies … Continue reading

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California’s Judicial Predators

A New Series on Extortion, Money Laundering, and Murder in the California Judiciary by Scott Zwartz May 19, 2016      Zwartz Talk has devoted a lot of time over the … Continue reading

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Should Judicial Immunity Extend to Criminal Extortion?

Should Judges be Allowed to Engage in Criminal Extortion? by Scott Zwartz November 22, 2015     Judges have immunity for criminal acts which they perpetrate while acting as a judicial … Continue reading

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Without Integrity Society Falls

How Lack of Integrity Destroys Society by Scott Zwartz Sunday, October 18, 2015 .     A just society must infuse Integrity into Governance. .      Starting in Abraham’s time, Jews have sought … Continue reading

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