Zwartz Talk

Corruption of Western Civilization or Business as Usual

by Scott Zwartz

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Western Civilization has fought against the corruption of the basic fabric of society for thousands of years. Leaving aside sophistry, all societies proclaim a need to operate on the basis of truth. Even though truth may be elusive and different people may view the same situation differently, societies strive to operate according to certain principles. When people in official positions refuse to follow the rules, we call that corruption.

According to Jewish tradition, Sodom and Gomorrah had four judges Liar, Grand liar, perverter of Truth etc.   While its victims wished that GOD would rain fire and brimstone upon the wicked people, that didn’t actually happen. That story was the wishful thinking of the abused.  Over the centuries, however, the moral lesson evolved that corruption undermines and destroys a society.

Ariel Leve wrote an article in the March 16, 2017 issue of The Guardian about this process of corruption within the frame work of “gaslighting” where persistent lying and corruption of authorities destroy reality.   Two years earlier in January 2015, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the People v Baca case complained that the California State judiciary had created a system which was an epidemic of misconduct. These three judges were complaining California courts habitual substitution of lies for truth. Genesis would have rained fire and brimestone upon the California judiciary, while Ms. Leve would point out that habitual perjury, destruction of evidence and manufacturing of evidence by the courts constituted gaslighting.

Sending people to prison for crimes which they did not commit is harmful to the individual, as  Mary Virginia could testify after being railroaded into prison for 32 years fro crimes which she did not commit  could relate.  Habitual criminality among the judges and justices harms society. One function of the courts is to provide the parameters of conduct.

California has Moncharsh v. Heily & Blase (1992) 3 Cal.4th 1, where the Supreme Court requires lower courts to use Alt-Facts to harm innocent people on the rationale that people who enter into arbitration agreements want to be abused. [Courts must enforce awards which are wrong on their face and work a substantial injustice on the victim.] The reality is that the judiciary attracts a disproportionate number of sadistic psychopaths who take great joy in harming others. Recently, one of the very few honest California legislators Patti Lopez had passed a law which makes prosecutors subject to felony prison terms for perjury, manufacturing and destruction of evidence. The only problem with (former) Assemblywoman Lopez’ bill is that it could not address the core of the problem – the corrupt judiciary.

Since judges are often former prosecutors, they know that prosecutors and civil attorneys habitually lie, offer perjury, manufacture evidence and destroy evidence. Some jurists like Judge John Torribio and Justice Paul Turner will roll up their sleeves and do the cheating themselves. Secret ex parte communications with one side, ruling without jurisdiction, falsification of court records, “perjury” are all in a day’s work for them. Facts and Fiction are Fungible. Justice Turner will provide false evidence and then rule on matters where he has a personal stake.  Judge Torribio will exclude Jews from proceedings on the grounds that they “refuse Jesus Christ” and claim a constitutional right to use his religious bigotry to run his courtroom.

So Why Are People Surprised at Donald Trump’s Behavior?

Then, we experience Donald Trump and we are aghast. The difference between Donald Trump and California judges is that Trump operates in public — unnecessarily so.  No prior president tweeted his gaslighting.   The corruptors of society are supposed to act like Judge Yaffe and throw attorneys into jail when no one knows what happening.    [Attorney Fine’s “crime” was bringing to the public’s attention that all the LA County Superior Court judges were illegally supplementing their state salaries by $111,000 per year by taking additional income from the County and then ruling in favor of the county when it was a litigant in their court.]  California Supreme Court Chief Justice, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, agrees with her friend Justice Paul Turner that Jews who “refuse Jesus Christ” have less rights than others. Allegedly, bigotry is part of the judges religious freedom under the California Constitution. [HELP v City of Los Angeles BS138370] These judicial perversions of society may be technically public, but for all practical purposes, they are secret.  In order to read them, one has to go to the courthouse and then try to get a copy of the file from the judge.

Facts and Fiction Are Fungible

But now we have Donald Trump declaring Alt-Facts to be true and refusing to ever admit what everyone can see. His inauguration did not have the greatest attendance ever; he did not get the greatest number of Electoral College votes since Reagan, Obama did not wiretap him. Against Trump’s astounding lies, people ignore Garcetti’s falsehoods that has improved LA’s traffic congestion while at the same time Inrix 2017 Traffic Scorecard says that LA now has the worst traffic gridlock in the world. an d


Under Garcetti Los Angeles has gone from being a Destination City to which people flock to being an Exodus City.   LA is an example of osmosis about which we learned in 9th grade biology.  For an urban area, please flow from the area High Cost and Low Opportunity (LA) to locales with Low Cost and High Opportunity (Texas, Denver, Carolina, Nashville).


Gaslighting, which is the foundation of Corruptionism, is Ubiquitous

American society has no institution to which a person may turn without running a high risk of being gaslighted. If one goes to court and is not screwed that is because it was not in the judge’s personal interest to gaslight the litigant.

Let’s look at Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Judge Richard Fruin, who sanctioned the illegal demolition of Marilyn Monroe’s Valley Village home.  Judge Fruin allowed LA’s Department of City Planning’ Ken Bernstein to hide documents not only during the entire city administrative process, but also during the compilation of the court record, and until after the Petitioner has filed his opening brief.  Judge Fruin then allowed the City to spring this concealed document on the Petitioner. 9Even the City Attorney was caught unawares.)  Judge Fruin found no prejudice to the petitioner that this document had intentionally concealed from not only the Petitioner but from the planning commission and the City Attorney until it was time for the City to submit its answer in court.  Petitioner had been deprived of all opportunity to see this false document at the administrative level, making it impossible for Petitioner to point to its rebuttal in the administrative record.  The Planning Commission had no opportunity to review it and offer its opinion whether Marilyn Monroe was a famous person.  Denying a party its opportunity to present one’s case is fine with Judge Fruin.  After all, this is California where facts are ignored and justice is illusory. In fact, in ruling in favor of the city, Judge Fruin relied on this single document saying that as long as Ken Bernstein had seen it during the administrative phase, that was all that was necessary.

Alt-Facts did not begin with Donald Trump or with Steve Bannon or Judges Torribio or Fruin.  Perversion of the truth and the use of those perversions have been a disease infecting Western Civilization from the beginning. We saw the Alt-Facts in the European pogroms, we saw it in the Dreyfus Affair, we see it in the LA Times, we see it in the US Supreme Court’s in gutting the Voting Rights Act on the basis that minorities were treated fairly without federal supervision.

Despite the Ninth Circuit’s identifying in January 2015 the on-going epidemic of misconduct among California prosecutors with the use of lying jailhouse informants (,  it was the FBI who had had to open the investigation into the Orange Country Sheriff’s Department continued use of laying jailhouse informants. Everyone knew what was happening, but defense attorneys who complain risk being blacklisted by the judges. Because so many judges are former prosecutors, they recognize the perjury in their courtrooms. But, what is the use of anyone’s complaining when the judges run the corrupt system? Who can prosecute them?  As Justice Turner shows, he does not need any jurisdiction, he can provide his own testimony and rule on matters win  which he is involved.  Besides, judges have immunity.


Thus, when any investigation is conducted like the Ramparts Investigation in Los Angeles County in the late 1990’s, they never investigate the judges.  The public is unaware that the very investigations which they think are fixing the problem are in reality gaslighting the public.  The ringleaders are the judges who are the former prosecutors who orchestrate the corruption, but the public is never told.  The gaslighted truth fed the public and reality are not allowed to mix.   For the public,  “Truth” is what it is told.  Truth does not exist independent of what some judge, newspaper, mayor, or President tells you.  As Presidential henchman Stephen Miller directed everyone, Thou Shalt Not Question.

How Trump is Different

The upside of Donald Trump’s habitual use of Alt-Facts is that it is out in the open. The downside  is two fold: (1) No one is actually taking effective action against Trump (2) People find gaslighting, perjury, judicial corruption, bogus news to be acceptable. No one has to tell the truth and there are no rules except for what money can buy. Trouble with the courts? Find yourself a connection to a Luxembourg bank and pay off the judge. Want to build a grotesquely outlandish project in LA, visit your councilman and bring along your Luxembourg contact so that your illegal project is guaranteed unanimous approval.

The only new aspect of Trump is that he is gaslighting everyone loudly, constantly, where everyone can see what he is doing. Unlike  wretched coward Paul Turner or an abusive SOB like Torribio, Donald Trump does it public and when caught, he does it again louder.  Trump is the physical embodiment of the camp song, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (“next verse louder than the first”)


Yet, what is the response for the two political parties?  The GOP stands with Trump out of fear of losing Alt-Right’s support, and the Democrats are overjoyed with all the fund-raising money from Trump’s antics.    The civilization which Moses and Aristotle began has devolved into a sadistic, narcissistic morass of corruption.


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