Zwartz Talk

Raffi “The Worm” Shirinian and Urban Blox

by Scott Zwartz

November 3, 2016

shirinian-1 raffi-the-worm-shirinian-urban-pox

     Raffi Shirinian is a Los Angeles developer. He has various companies.  Perhaps his most noted one is Urban Blox or as some people call it Urban Pox as his projects are akin to a community getting smallpox.   It’s not a pretty sight.

        It seems that Raffi The Worm’s attorney Alan Droste is upset that someone has called Raffi Shirinian a worm and he is threatening to sue people if they do not retract calling Raffi Shirinian, a Worm.

      What does it mean when someone is called a worm?  It is unlikely that it intended to be a scientific description.  More likely, it means something like

  • : a person who is not liked or respected : a very bad person

    Do people dislike Raffi The Worm?

     It seems that Raffi The Worm makes his living tearing down poor people’s homes so that he can build luxury homes.  That is what he is in the process of doing right now in Valley Village.  Raffi wants some elderly women whose property is owned by the Edwards Trust to sell him their rent controlled cottages so that he can demolish them.  urban-blox-v-edwards-trust

    I suppose that some people would find anyone who would sue two old ladies in their 80’s in order to force them to sell him their property so that he can destroy the rent controlled cottages which their sister had nurtured for so many decades  to be called a Worm.  Actually, “worm” seems like a mild term.  One would expect to hear terms like scum and sleaze bag, but according to The Worm’s attorney, the appellation “worm” is particularly aggravating.

    Also, Raffi The Worm wants the city to give him all of Weddington Street from Hermitage westward so that he can build his project where there is presently a public street.  It does seem kind of wormy to take over a public street, which the neighborhood uses on a daily basis, as The Worm wants more square feet on which to build his luxury units.

      Mr. Droste did not explain why his client is not a Worm, but he made reference to Silver Lake.  Upon checking LA City Case # VTT 72898-SL, The Worm is also tearing down rent control homes in Silver Lake at 847-853 North Merwin Street; 850-856 North Coronado Street in the Silver Lake  are of Los Angeles.  Back in February 2015, residents in Silver Lake told the City:

A significant portion of these [rent controlled] homes were demolished to make way for small lot units. This is a problem. Small lot units are high-priced new homes. The existing structures house working class people who cannot afford the price of these new homes. Therefore, the city will need to use tax dollars to build housing units for people losing their homes. This is unfair to all the people of Los Angeles and amounts to a subsidy for the small lot developers. Feb 23, 2015 appeal in VTT 72898

      Is it Wormy to tear down poor people’s homes and then ask tax payers to give billions of dollars to the people who tore down their homes?  Zwartz Talk thinks that it is.

      Well,  that is exactly what the City now wants us tax payers to do?  Give developers like Raffi The Worm $1.2 BILLION to build “affordable apartments.”  That’s Measure HHH on the ballot for November 8, 2016 wants — for the tax payers to fork over $1.2 BILLION to the developers.  It would have been a lot less wormy to have left the poor, disabled and elderly in their homes in the first place.  However, there is money to be made from evicting poor people  onto the streets and then asking the tax payers to pick up the bill.

    By the way, that $1.2 Billion which Measure HHH will be giving to the developers will cost the taxpayers $2 BILLION.  Why don’t the developers borrow the money from Wall Street?  I believe that Wall Street’s reason is along the lines, “We don’t lend money to Worms.”  Like Donald Trump a lot of developers have a business practice of going bankrupt rather than repaying their loans.  Thus, Wall Street prefers to loan the money to the City and then the City loans the money to the developers.  After wormy developers have sucked all the money out of a project, then they go bankrupt and let the City’s tax payers repay Wall Street.

    Raffi “The Worm” Shirinian sounds rather accurate to Zwartz Talk.  We have to thank The Worm’s attorney Alan Droste for alerting the community to the wormy nature of his client.  Before Mr. Droste sent out his letter, Zwartz Talk had never known that anyone was calling Raffi Shirinian “The Worm.”  Now, Zwartz Talk doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t call Raffi a Worm.

worm-1  Stop Raffi The Worm Shirinian before he eats your grandmother’s home.



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