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Vote Trading at LA City Council is The Lynch Pin to LA Corruption

by Scott Zwartzbribery-4

September 9, 2016

      Yesterday, Thursday, September 8, 2016, SaveValleyVillage, a small group of concerned residents from tiny Valley Village section of Los Angeles, filed its First Amended Petition against the vote trading agreement which rules Los Angeles City Council.  Penal Code 86  criminalized all type of vote trading at city councils in 2006.  It expressly outlawed the giving of any council vote in return for another council vote — on any matter.  Thus, if Councilman Ryu says to the other councilmember, “I will show respect for you and vote yes for all your developer projects if you will show respect for me and vote yes on my projects” and the other councilmember agree to reciprocate his “respect,” we have an criminal vote trading pact.

The Amended Petition

Linked hereto is a copy of the filed Petition whereby SaveValleyVillage seeks to stop the massive multi-billion Corruptionism at Los Angeles City Hall.  svv2-2016-9-8-amended-petition-conformed

Billions of Dollars Are at Stake

Billions of dollars are at stake, but far more importantly, the future of Los Angeles is imperiled by this endless Corruptionism.  No modern society can fare well without a robust middle class and Los Angeles Corruptionism has driven  out its new middle class.  As the Baby Boomers retire, Los Angeles needs a younger generation to take their places.  We know who these new middles class people will be — the Millennials who have decided to start families.  They are leaving Los Angles in droves.

The Millennial Middle Class is Abandoning Los Angeles

and with Good Reason

While power corrupts, corruption destroys.  The cost of a decent life in Los Angeles is far beyond the reach of family.  Due to the corruptionism which infests Los Angeles, the cost of Los Angeles housing has escalated beyond the means of a young family.  A 3 bedroom home which would cost about $290,000.00 in Austin, Texas, would cost at least $850,000.00 in Los Angeles — provided you did not want a safe neighborhood.  The average Austin income is about $52,000.00, while the average in LA is lightly higher at $55,000.00.  That $3,000.00 LA advantage is eaten up in less than one month in Los Angeles.

Corruptionism is the City’s Modus Operandi

Corruptionism is the way Los Angeles operates and anyone who thinks that the developers who have bought the LA City Council has any attention in emptying the tax payers pocketbooks is living in a mythical fairy land.  Just as there are those who would cut down the last Redwood tree, there are those who would eradicate all of Los Angeles’s fine old neighborhoods in order to built mammoth mixed-use projects — and they all require huge tax subsidizes.

This article need not explain the entire demise of Los Angeles.  NewGeographies and CityWatchLA run article after article explaining how the middle class is rushing to leave Los Angeles.  The rate at which they are laving will greatly accelerate as a significant portion of Millennials have reached the family rearing age and the number of younger Millennials to replace them has dropped significantly  We know these facts by looking at the tax filings and the birth rates.  The Millennials max birth rate was 25 years ago.  Thus, we know that fewer and fewer were born starting 25 years ago.

Secret Deals To Give Away Public Streets

We also know that other parts of the nation how have great jobs to offer Millennials along with great residential neighborhoods while Garcetti is still destroying as many R-1 neighborhoods as possible. He is so avaricious in his desire to densify older areas that he is even giving 12300 block of Weddington Street in Valley Village to the private developer Urban Box so that it can tear down older homes in order to a massive project — one-third of which will be build on where Weddington Street now exists.  Giving a public street so that a developer has more land on which to build is one definition of Corruptionism,


Weddington Street Give-Away Poster Child for Secret Deals

This subject may be getting too hot even for the master of the secret, behind-closed-doors deals, Mayor Eric Garcetti.  Today he announced that he is going to stop all these private secret meetings between Councilmembers and developers.  Number one for the chopping block should this this gift of Weddington Street to Urban Box — even after the Assemblywoman asked the matter to be given more attention.

State of California owns the streets even though we call them “city streets.” When the State requested that the City study the matter in more detail, Garcetti’s Planning Commission told the State Assemblyperson to go pound dirt and mind her own business.  Let’s be realistic: Krekorian and Garcetti have decided to give away Weddington Street and their attitude is that “State of California should shut up and subsidize the project.  We don’t need any CEQA studies, we don’t need to worry about disabled people being thrown out of their homes.”

Let’s be honest with ourselves,   The only thing that counts in the City of Los Angeles is developer’s profits.  If a developer wants to destroy a old neighborhood and build on top of the street, then Garcetti is going to green light that project — no matter what some pushy Assemblywoman wants. July 31, 2015, KCET,

A Question of Historic Preservation in Valley Village, by Mike Sonksen

We Can See Why Business and Middle Class are Fleeing

When Corruptionism has become so deeply ingrained in a society that the middle class has moved thousands of miles away, employers follow them out of town.   Neither the businesses nor their employees will be returning to Los Angeles.  Alea jacta est — they have crossed their Rubicon when they moved away from LA and they are not turning back.


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