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Los Angeles Falls Prey to Predatory Billionaires

by Scott Zwartz

August 16, 2016

    Billionaires #1
Los Angeles has become a predator society under the domination of few billionaires. Some call the new system corruptionism, and it is certainly that. Others call it an oligarchy, and it is that too. Zwartz Talk has termed it Garcettism. Whatever term one uses, the common element is that Los Angeles is controlled group that ruthlessly exploits everyone else.

As students of history know, the control of information is crucial for those who dominate a society. What we do not realize is how the propaganda machines looked and felt in prior societies which were being eaten alive by vicious predators.  Often, people thought that they were improving society and they did not realize that appeals were being made to their emotions by the use of false facts.  The most insidious propaganda is clothed in the garments of doing good things to help others.

Los Angeles Inundated With Propaganda

The key to successful propaganda is that it deceive the populace into doing what the billionaires want.  Mayor Garcetti does not say, “My billionaire supporters, who want me to become President, say that I have to raise more money for them.”  Instead, he claims to be the champion of the poor and we must all help the downtrodden.  Ironically, helping the homeless means giving billions of tax dollars to men who already have several multi-million dollar mansions.  Meanwhile, Garcetti keeps the homeless locked outside of the thousands of empty apartments which the billionaires are hoarding.

5929 Sunset #4

Because Los Angeles has no credible newspaper, Angelenos have no reliable source of information. The TV media are extreme sycophants of City Hall and its crimogenic ways. They routine turn over the airwaves to Mayor Garcetti to lie about how great he is and how much he cares for the poor without any “journalist” challenging him about the destruction of over 21,000 rent controlled units since he was first elected councilman for Hollywood’s CD 13.

Garcetti Alpert #2

The media never questions him about the Garcetti Goons at poor people homes when some developer want the poor people to move out so that they can demolish their homes.

City Hall says there is a terrible housing crisis. The only crisis is that we have a glut of housing and Wall Street does not want to finance any more Garcetti Projects. The crisis is that the mayor wants to take billions more tax dollars and give the money to his friends to build more luxury units, which they cannot sell, while destroying the homes of poor people.  The crisis is corruptionism.

So the people are willing to go billions of dollars deeper into debt so that Garcetti has more money to spread around to his developer buddies.  Governor Brown seems to have bought into this economic gibberish that all one has to do is spend money, and everything will be okay.  The key to any government’s deficit spending is to spend the money on something productive.  Destroying the City’s infrastructure and constructing skyscrapers which are full of wealthy tenants only in developers’ wet dreams will destroy our accumulated wealth. That is the opposite of productive. When the money is a legitimate investment in something that makes peoples’ lives better then that is a use of money which makes society better.  For example, when all immunizations including for the flu and pneumonia for older people are paid for society, we all benefit because people take fewer sick days and that is good for employers and the economy.  It also provides herd immunity for society in general.

All thriving societies need certain things and services.  In addition to being free from corruption, they need high quality education for every one. An uneducated society is a poor society.  Thomas Jefferson did not write anything in the Declaration of Independence about the glories of being uneducated.

Here’s a wake-up call for all middle class Los Angeles families:  The Los Angeles Unified School District is one of the worse in the entire industrialized world.  If you stay in Los Angeles, you almost guarantee that you children8150 #1 will receive such a substandard education that they will be downward mobile for the rest of their lives.

There are things that the City can do to raise the educational level independent of what the school district does or does not do.  But, Garcetti only has money to tear down poor people’s home and for developers to build high rises, where no one wants to live.  That’s why the vacancy rate is so high and Wall Street is balking at financing them anymore.

While Storm Clouds Gather, We see Only Sunshine

When we walk outside our homes in the wonderful Southern California weather, it is hard to know “what evil lurks in the heart of men.” In the 1930’s The Shadow knew, but today we are oblivious. The 1930’s also gave us “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” In the 1950’s, the motto exemplified the American creed and became embedded in our national consciousness by the Superman TV program.

Today, similar destructive forces have taken control of our society while we sleep walk our way through our daily routines. Despite the evidence in front of our faces, we turn a blind eye. Meanwhile the predators act with increasing vigor.

Los Angeles’ War on the Poor is
Also a War on the Middle Class

As LA Weekly wrote in 2013, Hollywood was subject to ethnic cleansing, but few cared.   What they did not realize is that they were destroying the base for Los Angeles’ future middle class. The middle class always comes from the brightest and most energetic of the poorer class. They are the upward mobile doers.

In January 2014, Judge Alan Goodman told Angelenos that Garcetti’s update to the Hollywood Community Plan was intentionally based on “fatally flawed data and wishful thing.”  2014-1-15 J. Goodman Decision In other words, Garcetti was dishing “propaganda” which was designed to mislead the public.

In case anyone missed the point that the court had just told Angelenos that their city government was giving away billions of dollars to Garcetti’s developer buddies, Judge Chalfant, Judge Jones and Judge Fruin all rejected additional Garcetti Hollywood projects which were based on falsified information. Garcettism was so far out of control that Judge Chalfant had the occupancy permits voided for the high rise at 5929 Sunset Boulevard, but Garcetti gave the developer and his good friends at CIM Group, millions of dollars.

Meanwhile the evictions of the elderly, the disabled and the poor was accelerating swelling the ranks of the homeless. While homeless increased only 0.5% in the County areas and the VA was able to reduce the ranks of homeless veterans by 30% over the last year, the Garcetti Administration increased the City’s homeless population by 5% — ten times as high as the County’s increase.

The Homeless As Pawns of Garcetti’s Billionaire Friends

We’ve learned the motive behind Garcetti’s drive to destroy as many poor people’s homes as possible. The worse the homeless the crisis, the more photo-ops for Garcetti to push for tax money to be given to Mayor Garcetti’s developer buddies so that they may make hundreds of millions of dollars to construct Affordable Housing.

Hollywood Homeless #3

The destruction of rental controlled units is not some ancient history. Garcetti is continuing to do it today and we do not have to speculate about the reason. One of his own planning commissioners has told us what was an “open secret.” Garcetti’s wants to make Los Angeles car-free and to destroy truly affordable housing for Angelenos in order to corral us into Transit Oriented Districts.


How The City Council Has Become a Predatory Institution

As has been explained, the Los Angeles City Council operates according to an unlawful vote trading pact, which Penal Code 86 criminalized in 2006. Without this vote trading, Los Angeles City Council would not have approved the gift of over $2 billion of tax dollars to Garcetti’s real estate developer buddies.

Now that Wall Street is balking at financing any more of the luxury apartments and condos for which Garcetti demolished thousands of poor people’s homes, a new scam has arisen. The City will raise $1.2 Billion in bonds (cost to tax payers $2.04 Billion). Then the Garcetti will dole out the construction money to his best buds who will then sprinkle some affordable units among it luxury units.

When the developers’ LLCs and LLPs go bankrupt, the City still has to pay off the bond holders. Who will they be? Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms who would not make loans directly to developers to further over build in the higher end apartment market in LA. By this scam, the developers rake in over a billion dollars, Wall Street earns an outrage interest on the LA $1.2 Billion bonds, and Angelenos are left to pay off Wall Street.

The Difference between Garcettism and Fascism

There is a significant difference between Garcettism and regular Fascism. Under Garcettism, it does not matter if one is Black, Brown, White, Gay, Straight, in the Closet, old, young, Asian, smart, stupid, male, female — all those extraneous characteristics have been thrown out the window in Los Angeles. In LA, no one cares about ethnicity, innovative family arrangement, etc. That is one great aspect of LA which is still vibrant. Los Angeles’ Corruptionism is open to all without regard to race, creed, color or national origin.

As we have seen in 1930’s Germany, however, on the national stage, racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry and xenophobia were cherished values. While much of the public clings to their prejudices, especially against Mexicans, we do not see that coming for City Hall. Garcetti may destroy Mexican homes, but he is an equal opportunity destroyer. For billionaire developers, the only color that counts is green.

And, that’s the new scam – The city will borrow billions of dollars and give it to their billionaire developer buddies who will pocket the loot and never bother to repay it. That doesn’t matter as the City will have issued the bonds and the City will have borrowed the money. Thus, the City will have to repay Wall Street.

Meanwhile the public is razzle-dazzled by pictures of the fancy new skyscraperFarmers Branch TX #1s by internationally renown architects, middle class Los Angeles will be moving to Farmers Branch, Texas, where they can afford a nice home with a yard and decent schools.



One comment on “Los Angeles Falls Prey to Predatory Billionaires

  1. M.E.Campbell

    The clean grift. Garcetti’s bid for the summer Olympics has allowed for the destruction of Venice. He is a liar, a criminal and a whore.


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