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Garcetti Goons Attack Valley Village

Garcetti #2by Scott Zwartz

August 13, 2016

    Below is video of a guy we caught in the act of being himself, a Garcetti Goon.  This is just a snippet how Garcetti manufactures homelessness for his photo-ops


As Garcetti’s Commissioner Dierking told everyone in July 2016 at the South Valley Area Planning Commission, Garcetti wants to tear down as many rent controlled units near bus lines in order to create much higher residential projects.  The purpose is to make Metro buses more profitable.

Notice how the goon has already broken into the apartment to the left and has removed the screen door and he has some pliers in his left hand.  He’s eyeing the video camera and looks right into it.  This Garcetti Goon is a candidate for world’s dumbest thief.  He knows he’s starring into the video camera and he has to realize that it is recording him. Garcetti 1

Garcetti’s continuing to destroy poor people’s homes is inconsistent with Garcetti’s claims that he wants to help poor people secure decent housing.  If Garcetti wants to help poor people, the appearance of Garcetti Goons to intimidate poor people, to vandalize their property, to threaten them with guns and to harass people who visit them is a strange type of help.

The Goon is destroying the video camera so that he can later burglarize the place.   This can be anyone’s backyard when they’re not home.  If you’ve got a camera showing construction of an unlawful McMansion, don’t be surprised when a Garcetti goon comes over your back fence and rips out your video equipment.  Maybe Garcetti Goons freelance on the side.  There are a lot of nice homes in the Valley and as long as goons roam free, it’s doubtful anyone else is safe.  This one arrested on July 26th but with $35,000.00 bail, he was back on the street.  So where does a goon like this get $35,000.00 bail or was it waived?  He brags of friends in high places.

Do you feel the name “Garcetti Goon” is to pejorative?   When the resident called the police, the police said it was a civil matter.  Really?  Someone’s tearing down your security camera is a “civil matter.”  Then, the guy comes around and tells the residents he got friends in high places.  Well, at least he’s a truthful goon.

But, in reality, that’s just more intimidation to make residents feel helpless.  That’s how Garcetti works.  It is classic developer intimidation to force poor people out of their homes.

Let’s remember, billions of dollars are at stake.  Garcetti needs as many people to be homeless as possible in order to con voters into voting for his $1.2 BILLION bond for building affordable housing on the November ballot.  We know the money will actually go for the luxury units in Hollywood just as Garcetti stole all the Promise Zone money from the minorities communities and gave it to his developer buddies in Hollywood.  Now, you see some of the Garcetti Goons behind the destruction of affordable housing.

We just found this snippet on another video camera. He is wiggling through a window.  You cannot see the window itself, you you can tell what he’s doing.  It’s nice to know that Garcetti’s got your home “protected” while you’re picking up the girls from dance class.



Let’s see what the goon looks like a closer closer. Garcetti Goon #2










All rent controlled homes are not blighted.  Some are very nice places where often the elderly on fixed income live or people on disability.  They keep their apartments clean and neat and hope to live out their years in decent surroundings — until Garcetti wants their modest apartment complex.

Hermitage Apt #2

Why do these lovely places have to be destroyed?  This is one of the places that Garcetti is destroying in Valley Village. Why? Is there no decency left at City Hall?


3 comments on “Garcetti Goons Attack Valley Village

  1. ajllewellyn

    I live here and I am disgusted by what is going on. A man named Roy Feord illegally took down a palm tree on Hermitage – during nesting season – to begin work on the nightmare McMansion to be erected on the site. He lied and said rats came out of the tree. I was there. No rats! It was a beautiful, healthy tree. It just didn’t fit in with his plans.
    This is appalling and nobody is stopping it. The police don’t care. The council doesn’t care. It’s very depressing.


  2. Hilary

    This is so disturbing. L A is now a sess pool and a horrible place to live, drive, attend school and whatever else we need to conduct our lives. I was born and raised here and never thought this could ever happen. We must clean house and elect a while new city government!! Wake up people.


  3. david aubrey

    Garcetti is a lying, typical politician. He obeys laws that work for him and ignores the ones that dont fit his agenda. He and Beck should be held criminally accountable for allowing Los Angeles to be a sanctuary city. Illegal is illegal. Period.

    Also, how is it his job to campaign for democratcauses arounf the country on taxpayer dollars


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