Zwartz Talk

Why Los Angeles Has A Homeless Crisis

deranged Weasel #2
by Scott Zwartz

June 25, 2016

    When you elect a deranged weasel to be your mayor, you get deranged public policy.

    We know why the City of Los Angeles had a 5% jump in its homeless number between 2015 and 2016 and the County which surrounds the City had 1/10th the increase in its homelessness at .5%.

       Priority #1 in the City of the Angel is tearing down the homes of the elderly, the disabled and the poor.  Since Garcetti first took office in 2001, the City has destroyed over 20,000 rent controlled units.  When an elderly disabled person who lives on Social Security is evicted from his rent controlled property where he has lived for 20 years, he cannot afford to rent a new place at market rate.  He ends up on the street.

    The person behind this inhumane attack on our most vulnerable people is none other than Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s good buddy, Garcetti 1 Mayor Eric Garcetti.

     According the councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, Garcetti okayed the conversion of the rent controlled units at the Cherokee Hotel in Hollywood so his buddies can have a boutique hotel.  Where does the Ellis Act say that it is OK for Mayor Garcetti to have poor people thrown onto the streets so that his developer buddies can make a few more million dollars? June 23, 2016, CityWatch, LA City Council: City Hall is Clueless about Its Role in Fueling Homelessness, by Jill Stewart and Miki Jackson

    Garcetti’s plan is no secret.  He has been intentionally manufacturing a huge homeless crisis in order to convince Angelenos to give billions of dollars to his campaign donors so that they can construct Affordable Housing for the poor homeless. Affordable Housing, one should understand, comes with huge tax payer subsidies.  By sprinkling a few Affordable Units amidst their luxury high rises, Garcetti’s developer friends hope to get billions of dollars to subsidize their massive construction mania in Hollywood.  Crockodile tears #1

    In order to convince Angelenos to give his friends billions of dollars to replace the affordable housing which they just demolished, Garcetti has to make certain that he has plenty of photo-ops of the downtrodden homeless.

homeless #5

   When we elect weasels to City Hall, we have no right to expect the poor to be anything other than victims of the greed of the 1% and Garcetti’s mania to be President.

    We get the type government we merit.  deranged weasel #3








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