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California’s Judicial Predators

Turner #4A New Series on Extortion, Money Laundering, and Murder in the California Judiciary

by Scott Zwartz

May 19, 2016

     Zwartz Talk has devoted a lot of time over the last several months looking into the men and women who serve as judges and justices in the California judiciary.  What we have found is distressing.  The level of ethics among judges is abysmally low.  One reason that the term “judicial predators” is appropriate is that it contrasts with the unrealistic faith which most people have in judges.  To a considerable extent, Zwartz Talk thinks that the laws which  forbid attorneys to speak ill of judges  or risk being disbarred are a major contributor to the problem.  Attorneys are in the best position to learn of unethical behavior. Yet, they may not inform the public of the danger which awaits them in the “halls of justice.”  Another factor which contributes to the base nature of the California judiciary is Judicial Immunity for criminal acts which judges commit while carrying out their judicial duties.  [See November 22, 2015, Zwartz Talk, Should Judicial Immunity Extend to Judicial Extortion]

      Judges promote the fiction that attorneys should not criticize judges because criticism would lessen the public’s confidence in the judiciary.   All criminals share this belief.  Zwartz Talk has found no criminal would favor his misdeeds being publicly known (unless of course his whereabouts are unknown).   We hear of drug gangs who kill witnesses in order to prevent them from testifying against them in court.  Lord knows how many TV crime shows have used this plot line.

     The Dexter Jacobson Option

      Judicial murder of attorneys who possess evidence of judges’ wrongdoing is known as the Dexter Jacobson Option.  Attorney Jacobson was the San Francisco lawyer who was murdered on his way to provide evidence of judicial corruption to law enforcement.  Dexter Jacobson is not the first attorney whom the judges murdered, but he is the most well known in the last few decades. Since then, there have been others as this series will reveal.

     The U.S. Department of Justice created The Trustee Program to conserve the assets of people in the bankruptcy court, but rather than protect the assets of innocent, the program operated to cover up the theft of millions of dollars by the Bankruptcy Court Judges.

    In 1989, Charles Duck, a trustee in bankruptcy, was sent to jail for embezzling millions of dollars from estates. The trustee is only a figurehead for the trustee’s attorneys. Yet the U.S. attorney William McGivern took no action against the judge or lawyers who dominated the Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Court. Among these lawyers was Harvey Hoffman. In June of 1990, attorney Dexter Jacobson revealed to reporters of the San Francisco Daily Journal that Bay Area Bankruptcy Courts were poisoned with fraud. In August of 1990, days before he was to meet with law enforcement officials to discuss his complaint against bankruptcy professionals, Jacobson was assassinated. His home and office were ransacked and all traces of his complaint and drafts were removed. Even his hard drive was erased. Although Jacobson’s death clearly benefited bankruptcy professionals, it was not followed by outrage in the legal community. McGivern refused to investigate, demonstrating government complicity in Jacobson’s death. Fear of the Department of Justice has had a chilling impact on advocates of reform. May 29, 1998 statement, Robert S. Palmer, Ph.D., LL.B Hearing Before the Commission on Structural Alternatives for the Federal Courts of Appeal

Corruption #4

    Judges love their total immunity from criminal prosecution, but immunity does not solve all their problems.  If people learn about the pile of loot which the judges amass while suppressing the average person, they would demand reform.  At the minimum, they would demand the judge who had been exposed be removed from the bench.

    Thus, judges ruthlessly intimate and silence anyone who would shine any light on their activities.  Nonetheless, Zwartz Talk’s series on judicial corruption will shine its light.

     The Character of Judges Needs to be Explored

     In  some contexts, describing the base qualities of a person falls into the category of an ad hominem argument.  That means the writer is attacking the person rather than analyzing and rebutting what the person says.  With judges, however, the problem is the lack of character of the men and women who become judges.  The series will explore how society has structured the judiciary so that it attracts despicable people in extraordinarily high numbers, and then how the judiciary will do literally everything to protect the judges and justices.  The Dexter Jacobson Option is not the only weapon these miscreants use against their victims.

      The Use of Crass Words To Underscore the Villainy at Work

    Zwartz Talk has weighed the pro’s and con’s of using vulgar language such as judicial predator, thug, fascist versus confining itself to genteel words.  Zwartz Talk, however, is a muckraker website and the crimes which Zwartz Talk will be exposing merit vulgarity in order to emphasize the base and cowardly nature of vicious predators like Paul Turner.  These villains stalk and destroy not only innocent individuals, but they also are attacking the foundations of civilization.  As Thomas Hobbes pointed out, man’s life in the state of nature is  short, ugly and brutish.  As a result, civilized governments arise to prevent the predators from plundering and murdering everyone else.   The California judiciary has re-created the Hobbesian state of nature for millions of Californians. Facts are indistinguishable from lies, and law gives way to the whim of the powerful.  Some judges not only get to manufacture evidence, but they can make certain no other judges reviews their skullduggery.

    Whom Shall Zwartz Talk’s Series Discuss?

   In addition to exposing the predators like Paul Turner and Malcolm Lucas (former California Chief Justice), Zwartz Talk will include information on some judges who have been unfairly maligned.  Ironically, when discussing these decent judges, Zwartz Talk will be using pseudonyms.  Like the old Jack Webb Dragnet series, “the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”  Given the vicious nature of the judiciary,   harm is likely to come to any judge or justice whose honesty and integrity were publicly revealed.  As one confidential source said:

They (judges) are human and they talk and more importantly, they are vengeful. If a Judge finds out that you made a complaint about them, they WILL come after you. The Judges stick together and you better believe they protect each other.

     On the villainous side, the list of names which Zwartz Talk has been provided is too lengthy to identify everyone at this point.  Of course, there will be  Paul Turner (Presiding Justice Division Five, Second District Court of Appeals), Tani Cantil-Sakauye (the Chief Injustice of the California Supreme Court, 2011-present, who has been described as a cross between Imelda Marcos and Leona Helmsley), former Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court Rose Bird (1977-1987), as well as the notorious Ronald Sohigian (retired, LA County), Robert Spitzer (Riverside),  James Kaddo (Van Nuys),  Stephanie M. Bowick (Los Angeles County), Alan Goodman (Los Angeles County, previously discussed by Zwartz Talk), John Torribio (Norwalk, previously discussed by Zwartz Talk), James Di Cesare (Orange County).

       Advantages of Snail Mail and  Email

      Dexter Jacobson had a computer but he did not make wise use of Snail Mail and Email. Thus, murder was a wise option to silence him and attorneys who had records which could be retrieved and destroyed.  The advantage of using Snail Mail for DVDs to send out the records on Jacqueline Connor for the 1990’s, Alex Kozinski re ERISA from the 1980’s, or George King. is that snail mail is untraceable.  The advantage of email is that it is easy, quick and world wide.

     The public will be interested how lawyers become judges and the rulings which judges make in order to get promoted.  The amount of materials from Jones, Day, Reavis, and Pogue, Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, former Barger & Wolen, and other downtown LA law firms has been daunting, especially since it dates back to the 1980’s.  People would like to know why their loved one needlessly died because some judge wanted to be promoted to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the quick route for promotion was to sabotage an ill’s person ERISA claim for benefits.

     It will be interesting to learn about the connections between senior partners at major Los Angeles law firms and judges,  and how the judges would call up the senior partners when there was a potentially threatening case. Then, the trial court judge and the senior partner would joint decide how to derail the case.  Of course, a trial court’s throwing out a case based on legal gibberish would not help unless there were appellate judges will to back up the trial court judge.

      According to the illustrious federal jurist Alex Kozinski, the insureds should deduce from the absence of language in some of the documents which were not provided to them the terms of their medical insurance and who was responsible for providing the benefits. How many people died because Kozinski allowed insurance companies to lie to the deathly ill so that they could not received life-saving medical treatments? Did Kozinski even care? For judges, the profits of insurance companies were and are more important than American lives.

       Because Zwartz Talk and others will be publishing the old files and internal memos from long ago, the tracing the lines of corruption and death will be time-consuming and yet illuminating.  Some Californians will finally learn who is responsible for their loved ones’ deaths due to lack of proper medical care.

          Because thousands of men and women like Paul Turner have raped and pillaged the American people for decades, people have turned to the Politics of Revenge.  Those jurist and law firms who are being belatedly revealed can thank Paul Turner, for without his unrelenting predatory arrogance, Zwartz Talk never would have assembled, scanned and downloaded all this decades old data.

      The Judiciary Reflects The Nature of Society  Predatory Judges

      With a judiciary shrouded in secrecy, the public does not know about the predatory nature of judges.  The public is content with myths about judicial impartiality; learning otherwise will be quite disturbing.  As Zwartz Talk will explore, however, the Rampart LAPD Scandal which lead to the Christopher Commission and the LAPD’s operating under a consent decree with the United States Department of Justice did not originate within the LAPD, but rather the corruption was the product of the criminal court judges, especially at the downtown Los Angeles Criminal Courts Building at 210 West Temple Street. [Not all the pre-1996 data went to the Christopher Commission.]

      The disproportionate number of Blacks and Hispanics who are railroaded into prison occurs with the complicity of the criminal court judges.  The judges know that the District Attorneys intimidate witnesses, conceal evidence, and will manufacture evidence.  Judges could stop these practices but instead they encourage them, nor is judges’ abusive behavior limited to Los Angeles.

    The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals [The Feds] found that misconduct in the California judicial system is an epidemic. January 31, 2015 LA Times, U.S. Judges See ‘Epidemic’ of Prosecutorial Misconduct in State, by Maura Dolan Direct Link to the 9th Circuit Hearing

      When one reads the LA Times article and listens to the judges, one realizes that the true target of their criticism is the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, Tani Cantil-Sakauye.  The Chief Justice had presided over the system long enough for her to have taken action against the recalcitrant judges, but rather their behavior was becoming worst.  The atmosphere in the California courts has become so toxic to justice, that a prosecutor felt safe to take the stand and commit perjury in his endeavor to convict a defendant.

Perjury #2

      Why Judges Love Perjury

     As we learned with Judge Torribio and Justice Turner, judges love perjury because it allows them to rule in their own self-interest.  Judge Torribio, however, goes a step farther and he does not merely wait for an attorney to provide perjury, but he himself will commit “judicial perjury.” Judicial perjury is when the document says, “X,” but the judge writes that the document said, “Not X.”  If Torribio were a witness, his decisions would constitute perjury.  Thus, the prosecutor about whom the three federal judges were complaining was not engaged in acceptable behavior for California judges.  It is easier to  frame innocent people when the testimony is perjury and judge excludes all the exonerating evidence.  We heard the story of one judge who hid a materially defective warrant in his desk rather than allow the defense attorney to introduce its deficiencies into the court record.

        Temporary Conclusion, More to Come

    As Zwartz Talk will explore during this series of articles, the California judicial system is chocked full of criminality.  When it comes to judges’ stealing whatever they want from innocent people, there are no checks and balances.  The justices who are not actively benefiting from this heinous conduct are indirectly benefiting by keeping their lucrative, high prestige jobs.

Burke #1


  Next in series. A comparison of judges in 1930’s Germany who stood up to fascism in contrast to current California judges and justices who manufacture fascism.


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