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David Ryu Betrays CD #4 Voters

Ryu #4

David Ryu? Just who is David Ryu?

by Scott Zwartz

March 27, 2016

    David Ryu occupies the position of Los Angeles City Councilman for Council District 4, but that is not the man; that is only his position of trust.

     Martin Luther King longed for the day that we judged people by the content of their character.  The time has come for council district 4 voters to assess Councilmember Ryu’s character.

Another Stooge for Mega Hollywood Development

    As some Angelenos know, David Ryu ran as the anti-development candidate, while his opponent Carolyn Ramsay was endorsed by the pro-Manhattanization of Hollywood forces like her former boss, Councilmember Tom La Bonge, and by mega-density champion Mayor Eric Garcetti.

     Also, the developers who own the Los Angeles City Council have a sweet, albeit criminal, voting pact at City Council where no councilmember may vote against a development project in another council district.  Penal Code 86 criminalizes all vote trading agreements at a city council.  Penal Code 86

     While David Ryu was running for office, voters in CD 4 where concerned that if elected David Ryu might participate in the criminal vote trading and support mega-density construction projects in Council District 13 which is contiguous to the southern border of CD 4.  The added residential and office density in CD 13 was having a terrible impact on CD 4, especially when it came to traffic.  Thus, at the Los Feliz Improvement Association’s Candidates Forum at the Autry Museum in Griffith Park, David Ryu was expressly queried whether he would participate in the criminal voting pact.  Candidate Ryu said that he would look into the matter and that if he existed, he would not participate.

    The Vote Trading Pact Does Exist and Councilmember Ryu Does Participate

     The Los Angeles City Council does operate according to a criminal vote trading agreement where each councilmember agrees not to vote No on any development project in another council district.  In fact, under the pact councilmembers are expected to vote Yes on everything.  The Los Angeles City Council passes 99.9% of all agenda items unanimously.

Statistical Probability that all Councilmembers Unanimously Agree With Each Other 99.9% of The Time is Too Small to Measure

   Remember the Academy Awards where forty (40) major nominations were all White and it was a national scandal?  Let’s remember, the selection of each White nominee was not by  unanimous votes like happens at the LA City Council.

    Since Penal Code 86 criminalized vote trading agreements in 2006, the Los Angeles has taken tens of thousands of votes.  That means out of 10,000 votes, 9,990 of them would be unanimous.  That is more unlikely than flipping a coin 10,000 times and having it turn up heads 9,990 times.  Yet, everyone in law enforcement pretends that there is no reason to suspect hanky-panky  with 99.9% unanimous votes on the City Council agenda items and the council has fifteen (15) members.  Since when can fifteen people agree on where to have dinner or which movie to see?  Yes, they all expect Angelenos to be so naive as to believe that this statistically impossible unanimity occurs innocently!

Let’s Return to David Ryu’s

Current Infidelity to CD 4 residents

      David Ryu knows that he was elected expressly to protect CD 4 from the mega-projects in Hollywood’s CD 4.  The people living in The Dell, up Beachwood Canyon, in Hollywoodland, in The Oaks, Los Angeles, as well as The Hollywood Grove HPOZ have been crystal clear — stop the Manhattanization of Hollywood.

   On Tuesday March 22, 2016, David Ryu

Voted to Manhattanize Hollywood

    The humongous Palladium Towers came before City Council on March 22, 2016 and Councilmemebr David Ryu sold out his constituents and voted Yes for the Palladium Towers.

   To aggravate matters David Ryu’s knows that the Project is illegal.  The Palladium Project follows in the foot steps of The Millennium Project which Judge James Chalfant rejected on April 30, 2015.  2015-4-30 Millennium Chalfant Decision

     As Judge Chalfant told the City Council in his April 2015 Millennium decision, it is not free to ignore CalTrans who is the agency which is legally responsible for the traffic decisions.  CalTrans had determined that The Millennium Project, which was considerably smaller than the Palladium Towers, would create an intolerable and unmitigable traffic nightmare on the Hollywood Freeway and the streets near the on and off ramps to the freeway.  As it is about 40% larger than The Millennium, The Palladium Project’s traffic impact will be much worse for the residents of CD 4.  Nonetheless, Councilmember Ryu betrayed his constituents and he voted to proceed with the Palladium Towers.   Mayor Garcetti’s March 24th approval of the City Council vote verifies that David Ryu voted “Yes” for the Palladium Towers and against his constituents. 2016-3-22 Mayor’s approval of Palladium

David Ryu Knew That

He Was Selling Out CD 4

   David Ryu knew that he was betraying the CD 4 voters who had rejected Carolyn Ramsay due to her support for  mega projects like The Palladium.  Hollywoodians Encouraging Logical Planning [HELP] and Citizens Coalition Los Angeles [CCLA] had provided extensive comments to all City Councilmembers on the harm The Palladium Project would do to Hollywood.  In particular, they brought to Councilmember Ryu’s attention The Palladium’s fatal error of ignoring CalTrans and Judge Chalfant April 2015 decision which expressly said that the City may not ignore CalTrans.  Once again, Hollywoodians are faced with a project which violates the law and a project which was approved by a vote trading agreement, which Penal Code 86 has criminalized.

   The Time has Arrived

to Hold David Ryu Accountable!

    CD 4 residents do not need any more photos of Councilmemebr Ryu’s laughing in their faces as he emerges from City Hall after selling out his constituents.

Ryu #3


2 comments on “David Ryu Betrays CD #4 Voters

  1. Don Riedel

    It seems to me that you have made many comments that have no basis of truth. Shame on you.


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