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Tiny Valley Village Attacks Mutual Bribery at Los Angeles City Hall

Ogre #1

Tiny Valley Village Attacks The City Hall Ogre

by Scott Zwartz

Sunday, February 21, 2016

(updated August 8, 2016)

     The small neighborhood group known as SaveValleyVillage has updated and re-enforced its attack on the Ogre at LA City Hall.  The Ogre is the L.A. City Council’s upt Mutual Bribery Voting Agreement which disenfranchises all Angelenos and leaves the developers in control of all important decisions.  The city council passes all items UNANIMOUSLY over 99% of the time, and construction projects get UNANIMOUS approve 100% of the time.

     According to City Council Rule 48a, every councilmember who does not vote is counted as if he had voted Yes.  That means a development project can receive no Yes votes, but the City Clerk reports that the project passed unanimously.  At the L.A. City Council, Zero Yes Votes become Unanimous Yes Votes.

      Does City Council really have a quorum when the Mutual Bribery system requires 14/15th of the councilmembers not to vote?  If they cannot vote, then they should not be counted towards the quorum.  The Los Angeles City Council a gigantic hoax.  Even Chicago would be ashamed to have such a patently fraudulent voting system.

    SaveValleyVillage’s new lawsuit shows that under the  Mutual Bribery Agreement at LA City Council, councilmembers have agreed not to represent their own constituents on 93% of the development projects.    That means that 93% of the time that some construction project comes before the City Council, there is a 14 in 15 chance that your councilman will “defer” to the councilman in whose district the project will be built.  The project could suck millions of tax dollars out of the city’s general revenue, yet, your councilman will say and do nothing — because he defers to the other councilmembers.  Believe it or not, some councilmembers pretend that “mutual deferment” is not “mutual bribery.”  That type of name game is like “liberating” the dollars bills from the cash register at a 7/11.

    A construction project can cause a traffic nightmare for your area, but your councilman will remain silent — because he defers to the other councilmember.

     A construction project can destroy the Specific Plan for your neighborhood. Yet, your councilman will remain silent — because he defers to the other councilman.  As Zwartz Talk has seen in Valley Village, Councilmember Krekorian is destroying the character of Valley Village in derogation of the purposes of the Valley Village Specific Plan.  When this destruction is brought to the attention of the South valley Area Planning Commission, the Garcetti Administration  directs the commissioners to disregard the purposes of the Valley Village Specific Plan and to give the developer who is demolishing the homes of poor people everything that he wants.

      On Friday, February 19, 2016, SaveValleyVillage filed another lawsuit to slay the City Hall Ogre.  SaveValleyVillage v City of LA #BS160608  Neither of the developments initiatives which are proposed for the November ballot will change anything at City Council.  Until the Unlawful Voting Agreement is stopped, the City Council will continue to unanimously approve each and every “development” that any councilman wants and there will be nothing you can do about it.

      The City’s basic response to SaveValleyVillage’s lawsuit is that the courts are powerless to tell the City what to do due to the Doctrine of Separation of Powers.  According to the City’s view, the courts may not even look at how the City Council acts, let alone ever make any order that the City should cease and desist from breaking the law.  Instead, the City demands that the court throw out the lawsuit due to the City’s complete and total immunity from any oversight of any type by any court.

Corrupt Judges #3

Gee we wonder what the judges will do?  Not that we are jaded, just experienced.


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