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If You Reject Jesus, California Judge Rejects You

 Division Five of California’s Second Appellate District Just Upheld a Trial Court’s Exclusion of a Jewish Attorney from a Sidebar Because He would Refuse Jesus Christ.

.     On Friday, June 26, 2015, in the case of Hollywoodians Encouraging Logical Planning [HELP] v Los Angeles Superior Court, B264397, the appeals court accepted the trial judge’s assertion that he had the constitutional right to exclude a Jewish attorney for being at a side bar because he would “refuse Jesus Christ.”

anti-Semite #2

.     While SaveHywd was in a hearing before Judge John Torribio, the judge excluded SaveHywd’s attorney from a side bar after opposing counsel told the judge that SaveHywd’s attorney “would refuse Jesus Christ.”  Not only was the Jewish attorney excluded from the sidebar where the judge and the opposing counsel were reviewing documents, but Judge Torribio would not allow The Jew to see what documents, he judge was reviewing with the other attorney.

.     Many weeks later, HELP who has the same Jewish attorney noticed that it was too being ignored by Judge Torribio while Judge Torribio was communicating with other litigants in the multi-party lawsuit over the Hollywood Community Plan.  [Other Jewish attorneys have appeared before Judge Torribio, so Zwartz Talk does not know how Judge Torribio applies his Jew Test.]

.     After HELP filed a motion to disqualify Judge Torribio on the grounds that he was showing bias against HELP due to his religious bias against its attorney, Judge Torribio asserted that he had a constitutional right to exclude people from participating if they refuse Jesus Christ.

.   Writing for Division Five, Justice Paul Turner agreed with Judge Torribio’s constitutional argument that judges may exclude attorneys who refuse Jesus Christ.  Judges may also use religion and ethnicity to weigh evidence and determine credibility,

 reformatted 7-7-2015 @1:56 p.m. PDT, 7-18-2015 @2:34 p.m., PDT (attorney corrected us that the words were “refuse Jesus” and not “reject Jesus”)

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