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Liberty v Equality by Richard Lee Abrams

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Liberty v Equality

   Richard Lee Abrams wrote Liberty v Equality over a couple decades but its core was finished in 1987.   The 2012 version is published here.

     The two constitutional law cases which have most impacted the most fundamental of American values, Liberty, are Plessy vs Ferguson and Brown vs Board of Education   which are discussed in Liberty v Equality. (some viewers may have to adjuster their pdf readers.)

     Mr. Abrams argues that as the most fundamental value by which Americans identify themselves, Liberty, was the proper basis on which to abolish The Separate Equal Doctrine, but the Supreme Court instead selected the non-inalienable and the non-constitutional right of equality.  America has suffered the consequences of that unwise decision for over sixty (60) years, and if Mr. Abrams is correct, that error will continue to plague America for decades to come.

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