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A Muckraker is one  who searches out and publicly exposes  misconduct

of  prominent individuals and business

Facts before Fiction


Analysis before Faith

    This website focuses on corruption, especially where government corruption impacts economics.  Because most of the gaggle of Zwartz Talkers are from Los Angeles, we tend to write about corruption in local government, especially the L.A. City Council and the courts.

   We use the term Corruptionism to refer to the type government where special business interests have captured the government, and as a result, the government passes laws and issues judicial decision based on what those who have purchased the government desire.  After all, what is the sense of buying a City Hall or a judicial system if you’re not going to use it?  Others call this Kleptocracy.


     Garcettism  is one form of Corruptionism.  When we read history about prior corrupt regimes, we often do not realize how many people at the time did not perceive the corruption. They thought that ward healers were efficient, while today, many people think that “Vote Trading” is a efficient way to run a city.  Vote trading, however, is a form of bribery. As our articles show, Vote Trading deprives the citizenry of their right to self-government. In fact, California Penal Code 86,  expressly criminalizes Vote Trading by city councilmembers. Whether the bribe is cash or a return vote, the councilmember has “sold” his vote.  Penal Code 86 makes clear that any system where city councilmember trade votes is criminal.


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