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Stench from the Bench #2 Judge Torribio and His Helpers


Friday, May 22, 2015

After winning California’s Most Corrupt Judge award, John Torribio, Norwalk Dept G, has doubled down on his unethical ways.

The only people who believe that judges should place their own personal interests first and foremost when writing their opinions are member of the California judiciary.  Others believe that a judge should not elevate his personal benefit as his primary goal while ignoring his oath of office.

We hear that Judge Torribio has his own attorney who writes his sensitive opinions for him.  Of course, Torribio’s attorney is duty bound to place his client’s interests ahead of the interests of everyone else in the world including the litigants in Judge Torribio’s courtroom.  If Judge Torribio has made egregious errors in the past, his attorney’s duty is to protect Judge Torribio and not to rectify the misconduct in order to ameliorate the harm.

It is most foul when Judge Torribio’s attorney misstates material facts in order to steer the case away from its proper course.  Judicial ethics, however, hit rock bottom when there’s been coordination between Judge Torribio’s attorney and the appellate court —  “Send me the case, I know what to do with it.” Wink Wink

This type of active involvement of Torribio’s attorney to conceal Judge Torribio’s role in the cover-up of Judge Goodman’s and Justice Turner’s prior misdeeds highlights the lack of ethical standards within the California judiciary.  On January 28, 2015, federal court justices Fletcher, Kozinski, and Wardlaw exposed the “epidemic” of corruption in the California court, but one wonders whether the Feds knew the degree of commitment the California judiciary has to its nefarious ways. Link to LA Times article

Here’s an interesting question:  May the litigants who have been harmed call Judge Torribio’s attorney to the witness stand and question him about the greasing of the skids in order to (mis)direct Judge Torribio’s disqualification away from a judge for State Judicial Council?  Will the judge’s attorney claim Attorney-client privilege?  Assert the 5th Amendment?

I would be remiss to close without giving heartfelt thanks to the Wikileaks generation – both old and young.  It is an ageless generation of a new mentality.


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